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3 rituals with salt to protect yourself from bad vibes

Salt rituals are ideal options if you want to eliminate negative energies from your home, protect it from bad vibes and you only have a short time.. There are times when we need to do a quick spiritual cleansing and with what we have at hand, and this kitchen ingredient is perfect for those cases.

The spiritual meaning of salt is associated with the divine. In the Bible it is synonymous with incorruptibility, purification and protection because this mineral does not spoil and prevents things from going bad.

In fact, ancient civilizations used it as a natural preservative and it was placed on wounds to prevent infections and heal faster, hence the saying “add salt to the wound”.

Salt is a seasoning that we can find in every home. Thus, being a very powerful energetic element, you can use it in very simple rituals to protect your home from bad energies. Next, we show you 3 of them.

1. Ritual of the glass with water and salt to protect the home

All the bad energies of the home enter, as expected, through the front door. It doesn’t matter if it comes from third parties or oneself, all the bad vibes out there have to pass.

This ritual consists of fill a transparent glass glass with water and mix a handful of kitchen or sea salt in it, turning it clockwise. Place it at the front door of your house to purify the air that enters when you open the door. The recommendation, according to WeMystic, is to leave it on for 3 days in a row and after removing it, say a prayer of thanks.

2. Ritual with health protection salt

Negative energies can cause some bothersome health symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, and general malaise. This fairly simple ritual consists of place a small bowl with a handful of salt under your bed. You will have to place it on the side where you sleep so that, at night while you sleep, it absorbs all your low frequency vibes.

3. Ritual with salt to absorb bad energies

If you feel that there is negative energy in your home as a result of family arguments, tensions with your partner, disappointments, stress, work worries, etc., do the following ritual. Go to the room where you feel these bad energies the most and place a container with a pinch of salt in each of the corners.. After three days, remove them and the salt should be flushed down the toilet.

Do the same procedure in each of the rooms of the home, and when you feel that everything feels calmer, thank the universe and close the cycle by lighting a white candle or incense.

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