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3 rituals to celebrate Aries’ birthday

If you were born between March 20 and April 19, your zodiac sign is Aries.which means that you will celebrate your birthday in this astrological month and the ideal time to celebrate your return to the sun with a ritual that allows you to start a new cycle filled with positive energies.

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries season represents the start of the astrological new year, so its energy is associated with beginnings, initiations, and motivates us to act based on our passions and goals.

Regarding your astrological characteristics, you are a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action and passions, which means that you stand out for your independent, competitive, impulsive, frank, but rude and aggressive personality.

The start of your season mainly your birthday, it is perfect to clean your energy, enhance your astrological qualities and start a renewed cycle. We show you 3 rituals that you can do to celebrate another year of life.

1. Ritual of the protective angel of Aries

Your birthday is the perfect day to ask your protective angel take care of you in the new cycle that you are about to begin. According to the Marmara Tarot site, your guardian angel is Camael, so this ritual is dedicated to him.

You will need a pink candle, an image of Camael, the petals of 3 pink roses, 3 rose incense and a large plate.

It is recommended to start the ritual at sunrise on your birthday. Set up a small altar with the image of your angel in the middle, in front of the pink candle on top of the plate and around the rose petals.

Light the candle and then the 3 incenses. Take both your hands to your heart and say the following prayer: “My guardian angel, take care of me, protect me, protect me and guide me on the path free from all evil. Amen”.

2. Ritual to clean the energy of Aries

This simple ritual is to start your astrological cycle pure and free of all negative energy. You will eliminate the bad vibes that you absorbed throughout your past year and it represents a spiritual rebirth.

you just need place containers with salt in each of the corners of your house and at the main entrance. Since your element is fire, put a red candle in the center of your home and light it. Let it burn out completely.

3. Ritual for Aries to attract good luck

It’s about a energy bath to cleanse your aura and attract, with your positive energy, good luck. This ritual is very powerful if you do it exactly on your birthday.

In a pot, boil a bunch of basil, 6 cypress leaves, sunflower petals and geranium leaves for about 15 minutes. Let stand 30 minutes and strain the water. After your morning shower, wash yourself with this water using a sponge. According to WeMystic.com this bathroom will help you have more luck.

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