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3 retrograde planets await us in July: how they will affect you, according to astrologers

A total of 3 retrograde planets will appear at the same time in July 2022, which has not happened since last January, being the protagonists of this astrological phenomenon Saturn, Neptune and Jupiterand whose effects begin to be felt from the first days of the month.

Retrogrades in astrology refer to when the planets seem to recede in the sky, an optical effect that we witness from our perspective on Earth, and its influence depends on whether it is an inner or outer planet.

In the case of the 3 retrograde stars in July, they are outer planets (they are further away from the Sun and the Earth) so their effects will not be transcendental, unlike a Mercury retrograde for example, but being longer periods, their influence is gradual and lasting.

Next, find out the dates and the effects that each of the retrograde planets of July will have on your life, according to astrologers in an Elite Daily article.

saturn retrograde

The planet of the rings began its retrogradation on June 4, which means that we already know its effects, although unconsciously. Saturn is associated with discipline, structures, rigidity and restrictions, so its retrograde speaks about reevaluating our limits in all aspects of life.

Currently, the star retrogrades through the sign of Aquarius, this means that we will be flexible about our ways of thinking and our ideals will be tested. These effects will last until October 22, when Saturn turns direct again.

Neptune retrograde

On June 28 Neptune turned retrograde in Pisces. This planet is the ruler of illusions, fantasies and dreams, when it is receding it is a thud of reality. The clouds of fantasies dissipate and we see dreams clearlythat is, we analyze which goals are attainable and which are just an illusion.

Although it can be a disconcerting movement, the positive thing is that we stop fooling ourselves and get closer to reality. Neptune’s retrograde will end on December 3.

Jupiter retrograde

The gas giant will do the same on July 28 in Aries, a sign in which it had not been retrograde for 12 years. Jupiter is the star of expansion, growth and luck, when it is receding, we experience some delays in the development of things as there are some obstacles.

However, it is an ideal time to review in detail the issues that are moving slowly and make the necessary adjustments; now is when faith in oneself is put to the test. This retrograde will culminate on November 23.

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