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3 Reasons why you shouldn’t cover the toilet bowl with toilet paper

When we find ourselves in a public place and need to go to the bathroom, we find ourselves in a dilemma. Public toilets are usually pretty messy.

Finding a dirty floor, a splashed seat or a broken toilet is never pleasant, but in these cases we usually have no other option.

What do you usually do when you find yourself in such a situation? Are you one of those who stays with your legs in the air without touching any part of the toilet, of those who use protective covers or the kind you build a barrier out of toilet paper so you can sit If you are one of the latter, you should stop.

People think toilets are covered in bacteria but seats are designed to keep them out. Its curve and smooth surface prevent bacteria from sticking, being quite safe to sit on.

If the public toilet is dry, you can’t get an infection since the germs can’t multiply on the skin.

However, flushing the toilet spreads germs throughout the bathroom and unfortunately, toilet paper surface is perfect for collecting bacteria.

By using it to clean our faces, hands or blow our noses we make it very easy for those nasty germs to enter our bodies.

However, hand dryers also transmit many bacteria by airflow so drying our hands with paper is actually the most beneficial option.


After knowing all this, what should we do when using a public toilet? First of all, don’t make a paper barrier. You could be even closer to germs.

Also, you have to try close the lid before flushing the cistern so bacteria don’t spread and bring your own wet wipes or disinfectants so you don’t capture harmful bacteria.

Do you often create a toilet paper barrier? Were you aware of the amount of bacteria that was on all the objects in public toilets? Tell us in the comments!

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