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3 reasons why you should look to work remotely in tech • ENTER.CO

Are you looking for a job in technology? We give you three reasons why you should sign up for one that allows you to work remotely.

One of the things that sets tech professionals apart from the rest is that they can be a bit more selective when it comes to choosing where they work. The enormous demand for talent in fields such as programming or development makes technology companies more willing to offer conditions that fit what you need (rather than the other way around). And one of the first things you should aim for is finding a position that allows you to work remotely.

And it is that working remotely is not only a way to avoid the bus trip every morning. The advantages are quite important and range from personal development to the possibility of a better quality of life. But instead of listening to us, we decided to bring the voices of experts on the subject and speak with three EPAM Anywhere employees. This is a company that not only has an excellent reputation in the application of this model, which today unites more than 3,500 people in more than 16 countries, including Colombia. Jobs here are completely remote and offer full-time project commitments, career growth, and a full benefits package.

At ENTER.CO we had the opportunity to speak with different people within EPAM Anywhere who expose the three reasons why you should look for opportunities to work remotely if you are in the technology segment.

Talented people are focused on personal development

Opportunities for growth and learning are important for the best. As you attract a talented professional, don’t forget to mention all the perspectives your company provides to ensure its growth. This is important, because many people believe that ‘remote’ means fewer opportunities to show what they know and how they do it. It is important to debunk this myth.

Juliana Diaz currently works as a Data Analyst at EPAM Anywhere and highlights the learning opportunities: “Being part of Anywhere provides a lot of room for growth. I am able to work on my career plan and adapt it to what I like and what I want. I am currently working towards my goal of becoming a senior data analyst specializing in data science.”

Tech-savvy people need the flexibility

The increased flexibility is probably the biggest workplace change of the COVID-19 era. It includes both work and study opportunities. Top tech talent is eager to choose for themselves which direction to grow.

remote work

Anywhere Systems Engineering Team Leader Santiago Castellanos says he sees growing up as changing the way you see things, maturing, and finding meaning where you haven’t seen it before. Here’s what Santiago values ​​at Anywhere: “There are so many ways to grow as a systems engineer, and all of the career paths are well structured so you can explore each one without getting lost. Here it is possible to find projects that are in tune with your professional career. The group of projects is immense and continues to grow more and more. You can develop within the technical track or become a manager, or combine both like me, and that’s great. Not all companies can offer something like that.”

Work-life balance is a precision

Work-life balance is a concept that describes the ideal situation in which an employee can divide their time and energy between work and other important aspects of their life. This gives professionals more energy to learn new things and take on new personal challenges.

Carlos Cardona, Senior Business Analyst at Anywhere, considers this to be a key factor for its growth. He thus describes his vision: “In Anywhere you are the owner of your goals and objectives. By choosing a remote job in IT, you can self-manage your time, and this allows you to always have time for everything, including personal growth and being with your family and friends.”

EPAM Anywhere employees are not the only ones with this mentality when it comes to remote work. In the case of developers, a study conducted this year by Stack Overflow confirmed that more often than not, talent prefers a better work-life balance than a huge salary. In case you are looking for opportunities to work, we suggest that you listen to the lessons of the EPAM experts and bet on an offer like the one they offer.

Images: EPAM Anywhere.

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