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3 quartz that will help you improve your sexual energy

The energy of quartz can help us improve in various aspects of our lives. Some strengthen confidence, others empower us at work, some heal emotions and others attract money. The ideal crystal will depend on what your objective is, and if among your priorities is to improve your sexual energy there are certain types of minerals that channel their magnetism towards intimacy in bed.

It is important to know that quartz promotes inner spiritual growth, therein lies its power, and sexuality is a way to deepen oneself because, being a natural human practice, it helps us to accept what our pleasures are.

“Working with crystals can help accelerate your spiritual growth and offer you powerful long-term benefits,” spiritual healer Elina Allais commented in an article for Forever Conscious, some of them increase your libido and restore passionhe added.

If you want to ignite sexual passion, the expert suggests working with these 3 minerals:


Its magnetism is in tune with the energy of romance and intimacy, its vibrations are revitalizing, which increases the passion for life in general. “If you feel that the relationship between you and your partner has lost its spark, working with a Garnet crystal can help rekindle it,” Allais said.

The red tone of this mineral helps restore passion and provides exciting energy in intimate relationships, as it reminds us that sexual pleasure is one of our rights as human beings.

red aventurine

When there is exhaustion after a strenuous day at work, red aventurine provides the necessary impulse and vital force for sexual energy. It stimulates your libido by allowing you to be “vulnerable” towards your partner and let yourself go.

It also builds self-confidence by unlocking negative energy caused by feelings of worry, shame, and guilt. It helps to create a perfect atmosphere for the couple to indulge in passion and have exciting but respectful relationships.


It is a crystal that helps us to take a more creative approach in love life. When we worry about the future and long-term relationships, this quartz reminds us that life should not be taken too seriously and it is good to relax from time to time.

Thus, it can help you feel more energy and have a more active sex life. Work with your self-esteem and confidence, because passion begins with a restless mind.

How to activate these crystals for passion?

The spiritual healer revealed a fairly simple technique, which consists of placing any of these 3 crystals under the light of the full moon, and the next morning, take them and ask them to rekindle your sexual passion.

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