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3 quartz that attract abundance: how to activate its power

Quartz are one of the spiritual tools that help us unlock energies, if your intention is attract abundance into your lifethere are 3 of them that are ideal because they are in tune with this type of vibrations.

Abundance can mean different things, for example, financial prosperity, a feeling of happiness, loving and being loved, or all of the above. No matter what it symbolizes to you, crystals are powerful allies to obtain it.

“In order to attract abundance into our lives, we must align ourselves with the energy of abundance,” crystal healer Elina Allais wrote in an article for ForeverConscious.com, explaining that our energy vibrates according to the frequency we tell it to. If we have fears and doubts the vibration will be low, but if we have faith and trust it will be high.

In this sense, quartz helps us precisely to nurture high frequencies to have more confidence in ourselves.

What are the quartz that will help you activate the energy of prosperity? Those recommended by the expert are the following:

green opal

It is a quartz whose vibration emanates balance and tranquility. It encourages you to put fears and doubts aside when you plant the seeds of abundance. It helps to abandon worries about when and how your dreams will come true and focuses you on feeling good where you are right now.

“Green opal will help you get excited about receiving the things you are trying to attract into your life. This feeling of enthusiasm will help him get through the waiting period,” commented Elina Allais.

yellow aventurine

What this quartz does is amplify your energy, being useful when you want to manifest your intentions. The expert said that she activates and balances the solar plexus chakra, responsible for personal power and when it is energized, abundance flows freely into our lives.

“The yellow aventurine crystal reminds you of the importance of self-confidence and self-esteem in manifesting our heart’s desires,” he noted.

blue apatite

This mineral has the power to make your dreams come true by reminding you that in order to attract abundance, you must first change your mindset. “Working with this crystal increases your appetite for life and fills you with motivation to take action to turn your dreams into reality.”

How to activate the quartz of abundance?

The ritual to activate these quartz is very simple. According to the crystal healer, you just have to choose a quiet time and place, take a deep breath and hold the crystal you have selected in your hands.

Close your eyes and imagine that a yellow, green or blue light radiates from the crystal and surrounds your entire body. Visualize that everything you want to attract into your life is in that quartz. Open your eyes and all that remains is to have faith and confidence in the power of your quartz.

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