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3 Online Courses for a Tech Career to Start

Check out the training most sought after by the Brazilian public on virtual learning platforms when it comes to technology

With technology changing at unprecedented speeds, the job market in the new technology sector is in constant demand for specialized professionals. Companies of any type are increasingly looking for employees who are committed and willing to invest heavily in their training to grow within organizations.

The differential of the new technologies sector is the great opportunity to have a successful career plan for those who want to follow it to the end. In most companies, the technological professional is usually promoted quickly, improving their productivity, development and remuneration. It’s a fact: when a person changes jobs, it means that the goals have been met and the employer is satisfied with the results.

A professional course, like those offered by crehana premium courses – regardless of the area of ​​expertise – is the first step to stand out in the job market. The qualifications make it possible to evolve and keep the professional up-to-date with the skills most demanded by companies. From there, it becomes simpler to gain experience and get promoted.

Not specializing, therefore, is one of the main mistakes made by those who want to enter and stand out in the world of new technologies. With that in mind, we are going to show you in this article 3 of the online courses in the field of new technologies that are currently booming in the market, so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your profile according to the desired area of ​​activity.

What this article covers:


For those looking to develop software, webs (sites) and even mobile applications, they must first take a basic programming course.

Programming is one of the broadest areas within the technology sector. Thus, the recommended thing to start entering this world is to start with programming language courses, such as those offered by crehana premium?? That’s because there are online courses for each language. Nowadays, the most popular ones are Python (widely used by companies like Google and Netflix), JavaScript, Ruby and PowerShell.

While online programming courses are intended to be inclusive, it is important to note that in order to do well in practice, you need to have an average familiarity with mathematical calculations and operations in the cloud.

In addition, proficiency in English is one of the important skills to follow classes well. And be aware that most courses last from four to eight weeks, and require a lot of dedication on the part of the student.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is considered the hottest and most promising sector of the moment in terms of the world of new technologies. Today, in the era of remote work, digital communication is one of the most powerful tools to improve the performance of any company, increasing sales and attracting customers.

Most online teaching platforms in Brazil have several attractive Digital Marketing courses that can lead directly to the job market. The aim of the courses, in general, is to offer concepts about controlling social networks, SEO, marketing campaigns and content marketing, among other things, to generate more sales and engage new customers.

Digital Marketing courses are recommended for dynamic, creative people who like to work in a team. The domain of the English language is also desirable, since most of the analysis tools are in that language.

Automatic Learning (Machine Learning)

Automatic learning, also known as Machine Learning, can be defined as the area of ​​study that gives computers the ability to learn, like us, without being programmed.?? The result is that they succeed in classifying images or recognizing texts, based on certain rules and algorithms within a universe of data, such as photos or texts available on social networks and search engines.

In recent years, with the rapid digitization of companies, professionals with machine learning skills are increasingly demanded by the market, as they offer strategic tools that help in decision-making and contribute to the growth and good performance of businesses.

Companies like Google, Netflix and Amazon have adopted Machine Learning practices to improve communication and reduce operational costs. To master the technique and specialize, there are many platforms that offer online courses, as it is still rare to find academic courses in Machine Learning.

some conclusions

The market for new technologies is highly competitive, always looking for professionals specialized in specific niches. For this reason, having qualifications represents a greater chance of getting a job. While experience makes the difference when hiring, skills depend on each candidate’s personal effort and dedication to their studies.

In this sense, the virtual teaching modality is certainly a good choice for those who want to invest in new knowledge related to new technologies. The online courses available on different platforms are making a big difference in the area of ​​education, as they offer the possibility of obtaining quality training from the comfort of home and according to each person’s flexible schedule.

In addition, online training is usually short-lived and much cheaper than face-to-face training – ideal for those who do not have many financial conditions and a busy routine.

However, it is worth noting that in order to be able to follow the virtual classes well, it is necessary to bear in mind that this form of learning is no less demanding than the conventional one. EaD demands strict discipline on the part of the student, in addition to the commitment and motivation to comply with the tasks and deadlines established. It is necessary to stop and reflect on whether it will be possible to count on sufficient dedication.

We remind you that in order not to fall into a hasty choice and contrary to your taste, the first step is to analyze the student’s profile in depth, do a good research of their tastes and preferences and evaluate all the possibilities.

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