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3 lucky zodiac signs will have the best week from January 23 to 28

the week that begins It will be one of the best in January for 3 zodiac signswho will feel a sensation similar to looking through the window at a new dawn.

And it is that for the first time in many months there are no retrograde planets anymore. Mars and Mercury completed their retreat last week and Uranus did the same this Sunday. Also, the Sun has begun its transit through the progressive sign of Aquariuskicking off the most innovative season.

Due to the above and in combination with other planetary aspects such as the sextile of the Sun in Jupiter and the entry of Venus into Pisces on January 26, the entire Zodiac feels the warmth of the positive energy of the cosmos, however, there will be 3 signs that will feel luckier during the week of January 23 to 28.

This week your sign will look empowered, impulse that will be channeled through successful publications on your social networks or the beginning of a new path in your career or business. Whichever the case, you can promote yourself positively, says StyleCaster.com in an article.

Causing a good impression will not be part of your worries, right now you have a lot of confidence in yourself, so it is not something that will keep you up at night. What follows now is to take a leap of faith.

The week represents a world of opportunities to start an association that will be born from social networks. If it’s not romantic, expect it to be something spontaneous for your career, says the horoscope.

You may be inspired to make bold moves, such as starting a long-distance relationship. The magic of the stars will make your most radical moves work for you.

There are many opportunities to prosper and succeed this week. Uranus is the ruling planet of your sign, so if you are willing to accept your authenticity, things will walk almost by themselves.

And there is more good news; as you go into the week you could receive some financial blessings that will give you more confidence in yourself.

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