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3 love rituals for couples that will make your relationship happier

A love ritual serves to reflect on what we want and clarify our ideas, after all, for it to have a positive effect, we must be clear and specific with the requests. Most spells are meant to be cast alone, however, there are some that have more results when done as a couple.

Rituals of love as a couple send a powerful message of unity to the universesymbolize that both want the same thing and are in tune with the same goal, for example, recovering the passion with which they loved each other from the beginning, overcoming a crisis and even enjoying each other more in intimacy.

The following rituals as a couple can work as therapy since they will both focus on the same goal and analyze how to achieve it. Working together will help you have a healthier and happier relationship, as long as you’re both on the same page.

1. Ritual to recover the spark of love

If you agree with your partner that the relationship needs to return to its origins, that is, enjoy themselves as they did when they started dating, this ritual is the one. According to the Feminine Diary site, you will need a bouquet of violet flowers, a white candle and a purple one.

Stand in the center of the house with all the materials at hand and sit on the floor in a lotus position facing each other. Both of you take the bouquet of flowers and visualize what you want and say it out loud. Taking a match together, light the white candle and then the purple one and recite the following prayer: “the spark of love, the flame of life, may our hearts beat together again and magic return to our home”. Let the candles burn down completely.

2. Ritual to overcome their differences

Arguments are common in a relationship. There are times that we think that love is not enough to overcome differences, which is completely wrong. If you love each other honestly, it is possible to overcome any problem and this ritual will help you start over..

This recipe is very simple, you will only need a spearmint or mint incense stick. Stand in the place where you argued and both light the incense with a match. Hold hands and say the following together: “I forgive you, I forgive myself. The words fly, but the feelings remain. Make them go away and let’s start again.”

3. Ritual to have more intimacy

If the problem is that both have moved away in bed, this ritual is indicated. They will need a red candle and a red rose.

On a Friday night, a day ruled by Venus the planet and the goddess of love, lock yourself in the room and place the candle and the rose on the nightstand. Light the candle together and looking into each other’s eyes say: “Let the passion return, let it return to this room, let our bodies rub together and sparks of heat fly”. Take a few minutes to visualize yourself and then see the most sensual part of yourself.

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