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3 homemade amulets to attract love as a couple

Amulets are objects to which faith and hope are deposited so that their luck affects according to the purpose that has been entrusted to them. Although we can buy them already prepared, it is believed that the most powerful are those made at home.

When what you want is to attract love as a couple, have more communication, passion and affection in your relationship, there are some homemade talismans that can help you channel this energy. You can make them yourself, although if they work together the amulet will have more power.

The amulets that we will show you below are commonly used objects that you can easily get and it is enough to synchronize them with the energy of love.

1. The lock and key

It is one of the most powerful amulets to seal the pact of love. According to Esoteric Office, it is based on a legend in which it is said that all human beings are born with a heart in the shape of a padlock and your key will open the heart of your soul mate and vice versa.

Many couples choose to tattoo this amulet, but also you can take it with you as a bracelet or necklace, all you have to do is charge it with the energy of both. This can be done by scenting him with your lotion, holding him and expressing your feelings towards him or her, and the same in return.

2. Magnets

You just have to get a pair of identical magnets and give one to your partner. It is said that couples who have magnets will always be together and will never stop being attracted to each other.

3. An object with meaning for both

They should choose an object that has a symbolic meaning for both of them, for example, the key to their first home together, a souvenir from an unforgettable trip together, or a photograph. When you have selected it, light a red candle and pass it over the flame without burning it, while you do so, show your love and ask for what you want for your relationship.

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