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3 effective rituals to forget love and move on

Rituals can help heal a wounded heart faster after a love breakup. Every time a relationship ends, comes a period of painful mourning in which we get used to the idea of ​​taking a path opposite to the loved one.

Sometimes this process is easier to go through, but other times it is not, especially when that person had the potential to be the great love of our lives. While all breakups are painful, you don’t have to be in pain all the time.

A ritual is intended to help you close that cycle, so you can move towards what’s next and not miss valuable opportunities that come your way. Next, we review for you 3 effective recipes to forget a love affair.

1. Ritual with candles to forget

This ritual, as its name indicates, uses the power of candles to channel your stuck emotions and release the energy of your ex that you could still be inside.

You will need two candles, a red one that symbolizes strength, and a white one that represents purity, explained We Mystic, author of this ritual.

On a preferably glass table, place the white one on the left side and the red one on the right. With a match, light the red first and then the white. He writes on a piece of paper the full name of the person you want to forget and light it with the flame of both candles while repeating the following prayer:

“I burn your name (name of the person) and thus I order you to get out of my memory, get out of my land. Outside of time constraints. I accept this manifesto that I have already made, so be it!”

The last step is to do a visualization exercise. Close your eyes and imagine that all the memories you have with that person fade away. Be thankful for the lessons you learned from him or her and bless the good times. Say goodbye to that person and say goodbye forever.

2. Ritual with garlic to forget

This ritual is more powerful than the previous one because you will work with garlic, one of the most powerful energetic ingredients, and the photograph of your ex. Do it if you desperately need to forget it.

In a fire resistant container burn the photo of your ex, while you watch how it burns, repeat this prayer: “Leave my heart, I free myself from your pain. Your image turns to ashes and I move on with my life.

Take a head of garlic and place it in your third chakra, that is, in your solar plexus (in the pit of your stomach), visualize how all the negative emotions associated with that person are transferred to the garlic and make you feel liberated. Now bring the garlic to your forehead so that it can be transmuted into positive energy.

To finish, wrap the garlic and the ashes in the photo in a red handkerchief and bury it as far away from your house as possible.

3. Ritual to freeze your feelings for your ex

There are times when you cannot control having feelings towards an ex-partner and we continue to fall at his feet every time he asks for it. That’s what this ritual is for. avoid continuing to have feelings for her and forget her completely.

According to Astromundus, you have to fill a small plastic box with water and put it in the freezer, then place the block of ice on top of a plate. With the help of matches, melt the center of the cube until you can fit a thin candle, it must be white. Place it on the base of the ice and turn it on.

Write on a piece of paper the full name of the person you want to forget and for what reasons.

Hold the paper with tongs and burn it with the candle while saying “May ice cool my feelings and fire purify my heart. I don’t hold any grudges against you. This love will be a good memory.”

Let the candle take care of melting the ice and when it’s done, give thanks to the universe for the new opportunity it’s giving you.

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