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2×2 – the styling trick that gives a perfect outfit every time

The 2×2 method is a simple principle that allows you to create tons of well-balanced outfits that feel both casual and dressed up at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know about the method!

Photo: Instagram @fakerstrom

If you love fashion and style, chances are you’ve heard of the 2×2 method, a trick that helps you easily create stylish and well-balanced outfits.

How to style an outfit with the 2×2 method

The method involves taking two more relaxed garments and combining them with two classic garments. This results in a well-balanced outfit that suits (almost) any occasion!

Some examples of how you can use the 2×2 method:

  • Jeans and sneakers + shirt and nicer bag
  • Converse and t-shirt + jacket and dress pants
  • Jeans and t-shirt + pumps and jacket
  • Hoodie and sneakers + jacket and dress pants
  • Sandals and fanny pack + jacket and dress

Here, TikToker Mollie Campsie shows how she styles Converse and a t-shirt with a blazer and wide, tailored trousers:

@molliecampsie The 2×2 smart casual outfit formula for chic outfits in a second #midsize #outfitinspo #smartcasual #widelegpants #blazer #neutraloutfit ♬ original sound – Mollie Campsie

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