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2G cell phones will be obsolete in Colombia • ENTER.CO

As of 2023, 2G cell phones will be obsolete in Colombia, so if you have one of these devices, it is time to update it.

This can be concluded after the Claro telecommunications company announced that it will begin the dismantling of the antennas that have this technology. In the last 40 years, network connection technology has evolved rapidly, going from 1G to 5G currently in implementation.

The curious thing is that now that Claro has made this announcement, it is forgotten that at least 18% of Colombians still browse this network. This was announced by Sergio González Guzmán, president of ETB in the framework of Andicom 2022. It is necessary to remember that in Colombia even the 4G network is not overcrowded and 5G does not even have spectrum use auctions yet.

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The network with which 2G cell phones work was booming during the 90s and was responsible for allowing communication with text messages. That was the time when each character of text had a high price in communication. In the statement released by Claro, it reiterated the “commitment so that Colombians have the best quality in their service, which is why we are carrying out a modernization process in our mobile network.”

Claro’s alternative so that its customers are not left incommunicado in February 2023 (when the dismantling ends) is that they can go to one of the 2,000 stores and service centers to change their devices. Claro’s 4G and 4.5G technology is distributed in more than 1,098 municipalities in the country’s 32 departments. They have even opted for the modernization of the towers to have 4G technology in rural areas of the nation. The company expects that in the next three years 4G mobile Internet will reach more than 1,348 locations.

Image: Eirik Solheim on Unsplash

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