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25 tips to make you a better partner

Being in a relationship isn’t always as easy as it sounds in romantic comedies. They miss big chunks of reality and all the hard work that goes into a relationship behind the scenes, but who would want to watch this one? movie, right? Whether you are going through a rough patch or just looking to hone your skills, whatever reason you have for being here, I can tell you that you are already a better partner than you think you are.

1. Work on your listening skills

This can be difficult if you’re a talker like me, but it’s important to be able to listen to your partner to meet their needs and wants. If you can’t hear what your other half is asking of you, how can you be the partner she deserves?

When your partner comes to you with something important to say while you’re in the middle of something, it can be easy to only give half your attention, as it feels better than not listening. FYI – it’s not. Instead, kindly tell them that you want to be able to give them your undivided attention, and when you mentally distance yourself from whatever you’re doing, they’ll have just that.

2. Increase romance

Remember the little acts of love you did at the beginning of your relationship? Bring them back. The honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end. They may be small gestures, but they mean a lot.

Being romantic can be anything from surprising them with your favorite flowers to arranging a spontaneous mini-break. It could even be leaving a post-it on the fridge that says “I love you” before you leave for work.

3. Ask your partner if he has any areas in your relationship that he thinks you could work on

Going directly to the source and asking your other half if there is anything you can work on is one of the most effective ways to become a better partner as it prevents it from becoming a guessing game. You might think that you need to make an effort to be more romantic when your partner thinks it’s one of the things you do best.

Checking with them will ensure you are putting your efforts in the right areas. Also, open up the conversation for you to talk to them about how they can be a better partner, as they will no doubt want to return the favor. But remember, this is about how you can improve, not get distracted and become more about what your other half can do for you.

4. Give them praise

We all like compliments, especially from those we love. You probably told your partner how cute he was every morning when you started hanging out at each other’s houses. Now you probably still think about it, but forget to tell them, and how will they know if you don’t? Do your best to make your other half feel good about themselves and they will do the same for you.

5. Provide Infinite Support

Life can be difficult at times and you need a partner you can lean on and vice versa. It’s you and your other half against the world. Support them in everything they do, even if you don’t agree with it. If it makes them happy, help them make it happen.

6. Be their number one fan

Now, this probably goes without saying, but to be a better partner, you need to be their number one fan. Cheer them up and always be on the front lines to witness how they break their life goals. Knowing that you are rooting for them will push them a little further towards achieving their achievements.

7. Trust them completely

A relationship is built on trust. You may already trust your partner, and we hope you do, but to be the best partner you can be, you need to trust them completely. By doing this, you will allow the relationship to reach new heights by removing any boundaries that limit your potential and that of your partner.

8. Respect their opinions

You won’t always agree with your partner, facts. You are different people and will inevitably have different opinions. When that happens, it’s important to respect their opinions, even if you don’t agree. Don’t try to force your opinion on your other half and try to get her to change her mind. Allow them the space to have their own thoughts.

9. Encourage them to be the best version of themselves

You want a partner who brings out the best in you, someone who inspires you to be a better person, but be careful not to force him to change anything about himself if he doesn’t want to. It’s about strengthening the qualities they already have, not making them trade their traits for new ones, unless that’s what they want, of course.

Before you do this, talk about what they would like to work on and how you can help them so they don’t feel like you’re unhappy with who they are.

10. Remember you are on the same team at odds

Arguments can arise in even the healthiest relationships. They’re nothing to be ashamed of, unless you can’t have one without yelling at each other. One thing that can help you keep your voice down and be a better partner is to remember that you are really on the same team. You both have the same end goal of wanting to keep each other happy, but in the heat of the moment, that can easily be forgotten.

11. Be Present

Nobody wants an absent partner. Spend time with your other half where they have their undivided attention, like a weekly night. Pay attention to what they are saying, provide engaging responses, and look them straight in the eye. Forget anything else on your mind and just think about the present moment with you and your partner.

12. Know how to be happy

Knowing how to make yourself happy takes away any pressure you may be projecting on your partner to satisfy your happiness. When someone you love is unhappy, you can feel a great responsibility to lift their spirits. Being in a relationship should increase your happiness, not be the only reason you are happy.

13. Always be honest

It is better to hurt someone with the truth than to make them happy with a lie. Lying can destroy years of solid trust in an instant, which is simply not worth it. All it takes is one lie to plant a seed of doubt in your mind about whether you were sincere throughout your relationship.

14. Do one nice thing every day

This couldn’t be simpler, right? Just doing one good thing a day for your partner will strengthen your relationship as he will start to appreciate you even more. It could be making them breakfast, getting a foot massage, or taking out the trash for the day – anything that makes them feel well .

15. Be empathetic

Empathy is different from sympathy. It requires putting yourself in your partner’s shoes (even if he is a stiletto) and seeing situations from his perspective. This can be difficult if they’re going through a situation you’ve never experienced or may never be able to experience, but it’s worth the work to become a better partner.

16. Validate them

This is different from empathy, because even when we can’t empathize with someone and how they feel, we can always validate their emotions. They can feel what they feel, and sometimes a simple “I recognize what you’re feeling” or “I hear you” is all that’s needed.

17. Practice answering

They say your first reaction is what you were born with, and the second is who you are. If your initial reaction isn’t good, take a moment to think about whether this is really who you are or are you falling back into old habits?

18. Try the Praise Sandwich

A compliment sandwich is basically an improvement you would like to make that starts and ends with a compliment. It goes something like this: “I love you and how clean you are, that’s why our house feels like home, but sometimes you keep my tools somewhere and I can’t find them, or you keep them while I’m at home. middle of a project and I find it difficult to get it back again. Could you please tell me where you put them next or wait for me to clean it up after myself? Thank you so much for being patient with me. You are always so understanding.” And isn’t that one of the coolest ways to tell your partner to relax on cleaning? (Which is probably how you would put it).

19. Prioritize your mental health

Prioritize your mental health so you can give your partner the best version of yourself. If you’re constantly feeling stressed, angry, or discouraged, your partner will start to feel these things too.

20. Talk more about sex

Sex needs to be talked about. Knowing how to sexually satisfy your other half will do wonders in the bedroom and in your relationship. They won’t complain about you leaving the toilet seat up if you’ve just performed superior, trust me.

21. Understand your love languages

They may be different or the same as your partner, either way it will help both of you realize how the other wants to be loved. Maybe they want to hear “I love you” at least a few times a day, or they want affection and physical touch whenever you’re around. If your love languages ​​are different and you don’t understand each other, they can feel very unloved.

22. Do what you said you would

Communication is everything in a relationship and so is follow-through. If a situation arises and your partner asks for something from you, do what you said you would do. The same goes for you and your mental health. If you told yourself that you would try to listen more, be aware of that.

If you said you would go to the gym more, consciously schedule it in a planner. There is always a way to escape responsibilities, just as there is a way to improve and grow, so always choose the best option.

23. Eye contact

The simple act of looking your partner in the eye can stimulate a deep and intimate connection, after all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Looking into the other half’s eyes shows that you are here, present and with them wholeheartedly.

24. Tap More

From newborn to adulthood, the sensation of physical touch is vital for mental health. Even if your partner’s love language isn’t physical affection, a simple hug in the morning or a kiss on the cheek can go a long way toward becoming a better partner. Physical touch releases happy hormones into the body, and who doesn’t want more of those?

25. Remember It’s Not Always 50/50

Have you ever heard that relationships are 50/50 and that each partner needs to give half the effort to make the relationship complete? Well, that’s not always true. You can’t always perform at your best, so your partner will take on more responsibilities than you do. This dynamic alternates between the two of you all the time. Maybe you’ve had a bad day or you’re not feeling very well, either way you’re giving less than your partner.

It’s important to understand this so that when they’re feeling less than 50% you can step up and be the man they need you to be to keep the relationship strong, not berate them for not putting in as much effort as you. Love and feed them back to full health.

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