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23 Actors Who Have Changed Drastically To Land The Job Of Their Lives

The work of the actors It is not as easy as some may think. In order to get the long-awaited roles that later give them fame and awards, they have to overcome various processes of casting, But that is not all.

The transformation they have to undergo in some cases is fascinating.

Even when the actors have been selected for a specific role, they have to continue working hard, be it studying the script, rehearsing or even suffering crazy transformations in his physique in a matter of months.

Next, we want to show you some of these incredible transformations:

1- Anne Hathaway

For her role in the movie Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway had to lose more than 15 kilos.

2- Renée Zellweger

It is one of the physical changes best known to everyone in the world of cinema. This actress had to gain 16 kilos to get the leading role in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

img 582c1bd29449e

3- Christian Bale

For his role in the Machinist, this actor had to literally stay to the bone.

img 582c1bf667a45

4- Charlize Theron

As can be seen in the image, this actress, considered one of the sexiest on the planet, underwent a brutal change for her role in Monster.

img 582c1c318f73b

5-Matthew Fox

Accustomed to seeing this actor without a shirt and with his muscles marked, it was really shocking to see him so thin for the film Alex Cross.

img 582c1c77b1ebc

6- Matthew McConaughey

The movie Dallas Buyers Club was to blame for this actor having to lose almost 20 kilos for the role.

img 582c1cb1c4d7f

7- Mila Kunis

This actress had to stay skinny for her role as a dancer in the movie Black Swan.

img 582c1ceb3a682

8- Natalie Portman

It was also for the movie Black Swan where she played a dancer with health and eating problems.

img 582c1d131e3c6

9- Tom Hanks

Castaway was one of his most famous films, not only because of the plot but also because of the incredible physical change he underwent since he starts the film with a few extra kilos and ends extremely skinny.

img 582c1d525c3ef

10- Chris Pratt

One of the most impressive physical changes recently. For his leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy, this actor radically changed his physique. The image says it all.

img 582c1dac2e7e1

11- Jake Gyllenhaal

It was for the movie Deadly Scoop that Jake had to lose a lot of weight and very quickly.

img 582c1ded8d1cc

12 – Matt Damon

The Informant was the film responsible for us seeing this actor without his peculiar muscles for the first time.

img 582c1e523fcbc

13 – Jared Leto

Like Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto had to lose a ton of weight for the movie Dallas Buyers Club.

img 582c1e9b5100a

14- 50 cent

This well-known rapper and sometimes actor changed his physique for the movie ‘Everything Falls Apart’

img 582c1ece0297c

15- Russell Crowe

This actor had to gain more than 10 kilos for the movie Web of lies.

img 582c1eff83784

16- Colin Farrel

For the movie Triage Colin Farrell had to go on a diet to lose weight very quickly.

img 582c2117b3d56

17 – Robert De Niro

Looking at the photographs, he doesn’t even seem to be himself. For his role in the movie Raging Bull he had to gain more than 20 kilos.

img 582c21226087c

18- Chris Hemsworth

Although now we all know him for his characteristic physique, it was not always like that. This actor owes his muscles to his role in the movie Thor.

img 582c212e1849f

19- Paul Rudd

In a matter of months he had to record a movie where he had a few extra kilos and then another in which, as can be seen, his physique was spectacular.

img 582c21f7c2015

20- Hugh Jackman

For the movie Wolverine this actor had to spend many hours in the gym to get these marked muscles.

img 582c2234d5391

21- Chris Evans

The movie Captain America was the one that changed his life, not only because of all the fame it has brought him but also because of how it changed his physique.

img 582c22668ef41

22- Robert Downey Jr.

This actor went from being really skinny to becoming one of the best-bodied Hollywood actors thanks to the movie The Avengers.

img 582c22a1817e9

23- Ryan Reynolds

Blade Trinity was responsible for this actor changing his physique and becoming one of the most desired in the world.

img 582c22cc4ea37

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