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2023 full of style? We have 7 great tips

Whether you are connected to fashion or not, the truth is that we all like to look beautiful and well dressed. In addition to the aesthetic factor, which is important, self-esteem is also greatly benefited when we take care of ourselves and feel confident. That’s why we’ve gathered the best tips for a stylish 2023.

Indeed, the more dressed up we are, the more powerful we feel. And, this has visible results in body and soul. We feel more motivated to work, to do programs with our friends and we walk well inside, happy in our own skin.

On the other hand, making good consumer choices, such as investing in vintage or in good quality new ones, it is a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry and, of course, more conscious consumption (so in vogue this year).

So, check out our tips below and feel stunning. Season after season.

7 super tips for a stylish 2023


Invest in timeless pieces

You know that camel overcoat you bought ages ago and which is still your favourite? There are pieces that, due to their quality and timelessness, accompany us for years, which makes them a good investment.

Consequently, take advantage of the opportunity that a new year offers to start investing more in good and versatile pieces, which allow you to create beautiful and sophisticated looks, whether for work or for going out.

So, even if you can’t spend a lot, prefer to buy fewer but good quality pieces made from natural materials such as silk, wool or cotton to the detriment of pieces made from synthetic materials.

And always remember that quality clothes are synonymous with elegance. That is, it is well worth what you pay for them and have a stylish 2023.


Prefer quality over quantity

Following on from the previous point, change your attitude, and prefer quality over quantity.

The truth is that, at first glance, it may even seem more interesting to have a lot of poor quality clothes, than just having one good quality piece.

However, parts made from bad materials easily look strange and last for a very short time. And, of course, that means you’re always buying new clothes and it never seems to be enough. Which translates, of course, into a greater expenditure of money.

So, opt instead for quality pieces that, being more expensive, will also last longer in impeccable condition. And, of course, good-looking pieces are halfway to a stylish outfit.


Don’t be afraid to assume your style

Whether it’s minimalist, hippie or fashionistawhether you only wear black or prefer looks colorful, a stylish 2023 should be a goal. After all, what we wear is almost always a reflection of our personality.

Therefore, avoiding wearing those pants you love or that black dress with transparencies, just afraid of what others will think, is wrong. We live in a free society, where fashion is a form of expression. So assume your style and be even happier.

By the way, did you know that this is one of the biggest secrets of stylish women?


Make up every day

Even if you just like mascara and blush on your face, be sure to put them on every morning. It’s just that makeup is one of the most powerful tools to make us feel beautiful, confident and powerful.

In that sense, taking 10 minutes in the morning to put on makeup will not only do your ego good, but also your self-esteem. And the truth is, the more beautiful we feel, the more beautiful we appear to others.

So, unless you hate makeup, use it however you like. Not everyone has to love red lipstick, but mascara and nude lipstick can do wonders for our psychological well-being.

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Have a more conscious consumption

At a time when fashion increasingly wants to be sustainable and environmental concerns are a reality, opt for conscious consumption.

That is, instead of always opting for fast fashionlook for vintage and second-hand stores, exchange clothes with friends and family members and look for local brands that produce in Portugal.


Make accessories your best friends

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to look beautiful every day. One of them is to bet on accessories, which tend to be cheaper.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have a more basic style, just put some colorful earrings or a big necklace to be completely transformed, and feel even more amazing.

Do not believe? So give it a try!


Get out of your comfort zone

We often think we don’t like a certain piece until we try it on. Therefore, dare to take more risks and step out of your comfort zone in terms of style.

If you only wear jeans, try wearing a dress. If you think culottes look bad on you, but you’ve never tried them on, go to a store and see how you look in them. And so on.

You’ll see how you’ll make incredible discoveries and create wonderful coordinates that fit you perfectly.

And always keep in mind that the biggest trick to being stylish is to feel confident and good in your own skin.

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