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2023 Carnival Mask Photos and Models → CHECK IT OUT HERE

The parties, and the carnival revelry is coming again, and with it the carnival masks are part of the fundamental pieces for the parties around Brazil.

And to update you on models of masks to use at Carnival, we’ve prepared special content with inspiring types about these adornments and your curiosities. Check it out:

What do carnival masks mean?

Carnival masks carry a curious symbology and meaning, and in the past it was linked to African spiritual rituals of religious tribes, which related the pieces to the spirits, in addition to bringing spiritual strength and scaring away enemies of war.

Where did carnival masks come from?

As previously mentioned, masks are ancient in religious rituals, however they emerged as an accessory in masquerade balls in the Middle Ages, in cities like Florence, Italy and Venice.

But the first masks were also used in Ancient Greece in the festivities of Dionysus, the well-known god of wine and fertility.

Carnival Mask Models 2023

Here in Brazil there are still some masquerade balls, and some people use them in street carnivals too. Therefore, we have chosen some of the most interesting models of carnival masks, among the beautiful and popular pieces with a different and inspiring style;

Carnival masks print and make at home

Paper carnival masks are really cool models to use at parties for a few reasons, considering that first you can download templates and templates like the one below, and with a sheet of eva paper you can cut out your carnival mask and decorate it like Wish.

carnival mask made in eva.

It is also worth daring to stick sequins, glitter to decorate the accessory, as well as to make the style of your mask more colorful, personalized and fun.

Venetian model

Widely used in Venice carnivals in ancient times, where the nobility disguised themselves to go out and mingle with the people, the venetian masks are the most important element of Carnival from Venice, and they are extremely mysterious pieces and some are even frightening, melancholy.

At that time, the nobility and commoners could mix and experience the facet of carnival for a few hours without having to worry about who they really were, since the masks covered their faces.

Some of the masks imitate the heads of birds, others have mysterious elements, and others are still mysterious and elegant pieces, such as colorful and even theatrical faces, and the infinity of models of Venetian masks is great, and still has a diversity of beautiful options ideal for different looks. tastes and styles of carnival parties.

red carnival masks

The red carnival masks bring an air of mystery to the look, and can be used together with costumes for the festivities, it is still a very common model in street carnivals.

full face model

Carnival masks with full face are mysterious pieces and some pieces bring models with incredible characters and faces, painted on the piece itself.

You can choose the ideal model according to your fantasy, style, personal taste and even models with favorite movie characters for example.

half face model

Half-face masks are beautiful pieces and often bring an air of mystery to full carnival costumes.

It is still possible to find masks with lace details, painted and with glitter details, and the availability of models can be for both men and women.

Model V for Vendetta

A famous character from the movies wore a mysterious mask, and even a little scary, however the accessory has become triumphant for carnival costumes around the world.

The piece can be found in specialized costume stores or if you don’t find it, below we provide the template for the model (to print it is simple, just download the file normally and that’s it).


From Greek theater to mourning, masks transited in the most different cultures with different and curious meanings. But it was in Venice, Italy, that it came to be considered a prop for the carnival itself.

The origin of this use refers, again, to the theater and what we currently know about the so-called Venetian masks, famous for their exuberant design, is born with the famous Colombina, Harlequin and Pierrot, characters from the Commedia dell’Arte, popular theater genre that ended up appearing right there in Italy, in the 16th century. The popularization of some characters, free of morals, combined with the fact that masks were accessories that covered the faces, soon became a way for the citizens themselves to conquer anonymity.

Thus, the masquerade balls were characterized as moments where people got rid of social ties, constituting an environment of freedom and transgression: it is not known who is rich, poor, man or woman.

The years have transformed the party, but the masks have survived: the tradition of masked balls extends over the centuries and, in contact with other cultures, becomes what is now consolidated in various places such as carnival.

And if you liked this complete content that told a little about models of carnival masks, and even brought some model tips to be inspired and even printed, don’t forget to have fun in the revelry and dare many different costumes in the celebration.

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