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2021 Resume Template【Free】| Download for free

Ready Resume Template can help you get an idea of ​​how to get a job through a good description in your resume. The curriculum vitae, for example, (from the Latin trajectory of life), also abbreviated to CV or just curriculum (sometimes the term is used curriculumas the plural form of the term) is a historical document, which reports on a person’s educational trajectory and professional experiences.

The resume details the candidate’s profile for a job vacancy. It also works as a way to demonstrate skills and competencies. For the document to be able to fulfill its purpose, it must have a clear, concise and objective language.

What this article covers:

Resume Template Ready to Download

The curriculum represents the presentation in the job market, so it is very important that we have a document that actually shows the professional and academic trajectory. Enter only necessary and summarized information there, your professional experiences and courses are the most important factors for your hiring in the desired vacancy.

Many people have doubts when making a good resume, if you don’t know how to put together a good resume, check out the free examples available on the internet.

The curriculum vitae is a synthesis of qualifications and skills. Check out a selection of ready-to-edit resume templates below:

Resumes You Can Copy

resume template 2

Sample CV. (Photo: Disclosure)

resume template 3

The curriculum is the mirror of a professional. (Photo: Disclosure)

resume template 4

Organize information into topics. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for writing a killer resume

Creating a good resume is not as simple a task as it seems. It is necessary to pay attention to the information that is inserted in the document and the way in which it is organized. Check out some tips below:

No recruiter has the patience to read a lot of irrelevant information on the resume, so it’s essential to be objective. Present only the relevant information, that is, that satisfies the needs of the position.

  • organize the information

Every resume has divisions that simplify the screening process in HR. Therefore, start writing the document with personal data, such as name, marital status, age, address, telephone and e-mail. The RG, CPF and voter registration are unnecessary.

The next topic is the professional objective. It must clearly present the position of interest to the candidate. Then, write a little about your training, always ordering the courses from the last to the first. Then, organize the information regarding professional experience, making a short summary of your career. Remember to highlight the company name, title and period.

It is also interesting to create topics in the curriculum to talk about language skills, computer skills and complementary activities.

The photo should only be attached to the CV if it is relevant to the vacancy. Otherwise, it is unnecessary.

There is no point in putting false information on the resume, as it will be checked by the recruiter at the time of the interview.

They say that the first impression is the last impression and this concept can be applied to the resume. A text with many spelling errors or pretentious can leave a bad impression on the recruiter. So be careful.

curriculum structure

To make a good resume it is necessary to follow a format. The correct format allows the employer to read the information better because it is organized. We separate for you the ideal structure of the curriculum:

  1. Header: This space is reserved for you to make your presentation. Put your name on the first line. Then complete the lines below with information on nationality, marital status, age, full address, telephone and e-mail for contact.
  2. objective: You must enter your employment objective. If it’s a large company, put the position you want to occupy. Example: Internet Company – IT Analyst Position.
  3. Training: Put the teaching information. If you have specialized in any area, make sure the employer knows your potential.
  4. Professional experience: Here you should restrict to your last 3 jobs only. If you’ve had several other jobs and you put them all in, it will be disorganized and very old job information won’t make a difference on your resume.
  5. Qualifications: If you have experience living in another country or have a language in which you have a certain domain, put it here.

Download Ready Resumes

Below we separate some options where you can download the resumes to just edit at home.











Get inspired by the ready-made resume templates to make your own document and stand out in the dispute for a job vacancy.

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