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2017 decorating trends to rock

At decoration trends 2017 are already influencing the aesthetics of houses and apartments. They are launched not only at major interior design events, but also on social media such as Pinterest.

Using planned furniture in decoration is a trend. (Photo: Reproduction/D-sense)

People don’t need to strictly follow decorating trends. They can, in fact, adapt the sector’s main bets, according to the family’s lifestyle and the available budget to invest.

What this article covers:

2017 decorating trends to rock

Do you want to leave your home inside the main decoration trends 2017🇧🇷 So here are some tips:

High-end custom furniture

The use of custom furniture is a strong trend, especially when it comes to kitchen decor 2016. These custom-made items adapt to the space and manage to make any environment more organized.

geometric prints

When decorating the residence, it is common to be in doubt about which print to use. A good tip is to bet on geometric prints in decoration 2017, who value different shapes and colors. You can value these prints through pillows, curtains, wallpaper, bedding, rugs and even tiles.

exposed brick

Decoration with exposed brick.  (Photo: Reproduction / Homeedit)

Decoration with exposed brick. (Photo: Reproduction / Homeedit)

The exposed brick is a finishing trend 2017, which promises to influence the layout of houses with a more rustic style. Residents can bet on the real bricks or apply a wallpaper that mimics this texture. The result is a raw and at the same time welcoming environment.

Fun Design Decoration

Who is redecorating or renovating the house can bet on a fun design decor🇧🇷 The purpose of this style is to work with vibrant colors, such as yellow, royal blue, orange and red. It is also worth betting on illustrated cushions and posters, in order to create a happy, humorous and creative environment.

Rose Quartz, the color of 2017

Rose Quartz is the color of the year.  (Photo: Reproduction/Home-it)

Rose Quartz is the color of the year. (Photo: Reproduction/Home it)

Pantone, world color authority, chose Rose Quartz as the color of 2016. This news has impacted not only the fashion world, but also the decoration area. This light and romantic shade of pink can appear in furniture, wall painting or decorative objects. The result is a much calmer and lighter environment.

Scandinavian style is trending

If you follow the decoration news, then you’ve probably heard of Scandinavian aesthetics. This style is extremely minimalist and proposes a combination of traditional and modern.

Designing a Scandinavian decor means using white furniture with a simple design, as well as stimulating natural lighting as much as possible.

What’s up? What did you think of top decor trends 2017🇧🇷 Leave a comment with your opinion. Cherish these tips in your home and make your good taste clear.

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