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2017 baby shower decor

THE Baby shower decoration is always the most important part of the party! After all, combining colors, balloons and others is not an easy task. But what about the baby shower? O baby tea It is a very popular get-together in Brazil. See now tips and photos to decorate your baby shower.

Capriche in the decoration of the baby shower. (Photo: Playback/Karaspartyideas)

What this article covers:

2017 baby shower decor

However, to organize a good party, the mother must be concerned with the decoration, gift list, invitation, menu, souvenirs and many other items. It is also essential to know the main trends in the sector.

Around the eighth month of pregnancy, the mother begins preparations for the baby shower. The event serves not only to celebrate the approach of birth, but also to collect diapers, wet wipes and many other important items to take care of the baby.

You go organize a baby shower and looking for inspiration? So here are some trends for 2017:

themed baby shower decor

There are several inspiring themes for 2016 baby shower decorūüáßūüá∑ At the moment, what is in vogue is working with cute and delicate animals, such as owls, storks, sheep, bears, bees and fish. Betting on the safar theme is also a good idea for the party.

For example, some people like to use themes like Frozen, Pintadinha Chicken, Panda Bear, decoration with different animals or plants, as well as other types of decoration that are your baby’s face.

An important thing when it comes to decorating is knowing that all the decorations must be to the mother’s taste, and the father can of course give his opinions, as long as everything is in agreement with everyone and with the baby of course.

Provencal and vintage style

Provencal is here to stay, especially when it comes to baby shower decorations for girls. To enhance this theme, it is worth working with lace, delicate tableware, pastel tones and light furniture.

In the case of a boy’s party, the vintage style is a great option, as it explores old toys and means of transportation from the past.

The Provençal style is super high.  (Photo: Playback/Catchmyparty)

The Provençal style is super high. (Photo: Playback/Catchmyparty)

photo clothesline

THE baby shower decoration is increasingly personalized, which is why future mothers bet on the photo clothesline as the main decoration. The ideal is to do a photo shoot showing the big belly, and then develop the photographs to decorate the party.

Fun items to take pictures

Another interesting tip is to provide guests with items to take pictures, such as balloons with fun phrases and objects related to the baby (pacifiers and bottles, for example)

Produced baby shower table

THE baby shower table It is the centerpiece of the decor. It must be well produced in order to draw compliments from the guests and make the photos more beautiful than ever. To decorate the table, it is worth betting on a diaper cake in the central part, surrounded by neat sweets such as cupcakes, cake pops and macarons.

Pay attention to the details of the table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Andersruff)

Pay attention to the details of the table. (Photo: Reproduction/Andersruff)

baby shower favors

If you are in search of 2016 baby shower favors, so know that scented elements are on the rise, such as air freshener, hand cream and soap. Pots with personalized sweets are also a great treat option for guests.

different baby shower toys

Innovate in games.  (Photo: Reproduction/Imujer)

Innovate in games. (Photo: Reproduction/Imujer)

That old game of trying to get the present right is out of style. Mom should think of funnier activities for the party, such as the dads’ quiz, a game in which guests try to guess information about the childhood of future dads. Be creative!

What’s up? Do you have any more 2017 baby shower ideaūüáßūüá∑ Leave a comment.

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