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2016 bridal rug designs

you are looking for bridal rug designs 2016🇧🇷 So know that there are many beautiful pieces that contribute to the wedding decor. Read the article and see some passionate suggestions.

White carpet decorates the wedding ceremony. (Photo: Reproduction/ Xporthomenetworks)

A wedding is one of the most important dates in the lives of two people who love each other. It symbolizes more than a serious commitment, but the beginning of a new family. Couples who want to hold a traditional ceremony must think about every detail: wedding dress, bouquet, church and even the wedding mat🇧🇷

The use of the wedding rug in church decoration is a real tradition. The piece is extended in the center of the temple, marking a kind of path to the altar. The carpet is the center of attention of the ceremony, after all, it is on it that the godparents pass, the groom arm in arm with his mother and, finally, the bride.

What this article covers:

2016 bridal rug designs

O bride’s rug it is an essential item for the entrance of the procession. It can be found in different models, which vary in terms of material, color and texture. In some ceremonies, the bride and groom give up the traditional carpet and opt for a path marked by rose petals or candles. It also looks beautiful!

see below bridal rug designs 2016 and get inspired:

Red or green carpet

The red carpet is the most used.  (Photo: Reproduction/Maharaniweddings)

The red carpet is the most used. (Photo: Reproduction/Maharaniweddings)

The carpet is type of wedding rug most used in churches. It functions as a kind of walkway, sold or rented by the meter. The piece can be found in different colors, such as the traditional red and green. The second color is most often used in country wedding ceremonies.

thatched walkway

O straw mat it is a great choice for wedding ceremonies that take place during the day and outdoors. The piece, made with braided rustic straw, values ​​the climate of nature well, so it can be used to compose the decoration on the beach or on the farm. Tatami mats, which are reed-covered boards, are also widely used.

mirrored walkway

Do you want to leave the ceremony looking modern? So it’s worth betting on different wedding rugs. The mirrored walkway is made of resistant mirrored glass plates, which can be installed both on the church floor and also in the ballroom.

Totally different runway.  (Photo: Playback/Aliexpress)

Totally different runway. (Photo: Playback/Aliexpress)

custom walkway

already the custom wedding rug has a unique look, after all, it is made with phrases, song lyrics, photos and dates. It is even possible to create a timeline telling the couple’s love story.

What’s up? Have you already chosen which type of rug you are going to use in the Wedding🇧🇷 Leave a comment. If you have any other suggestions, please comment as well.

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