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2015 baby shower decor

Check out some tips from 2015 baby shower decor and be inspired to organize, in the most pleasant way possible, this event that is so important for mothers-to-be.

Decoration for baby shower 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

Also known as a baby shower, the special occasion consists of an event in which pregnant women receive friends to celebrate the arrival of the new family member, to talk and have fun, in addition to collecting gifts for the baby.

To organize this long-awaited party, you can count on the help of your mother, sisters, relatives and friends, as there are several things to do (prepare the dishes that will be served, make the invitations and send them, etc.). Another important detail of the celebration is the decoration.

baby shower tips

If the child’s name has already been chosen, you can use it in various decoration details (Illustrative Photo)

there are several baby shower decoration ideas, which can make the environment even more pleasant and inviting. One of the most basic tips is to choose the decoration colors according to the gender of the child: pink, lilac or yellow for girls, and blue for boys. In the case of a couple of twins, mix the two shades.

These colors can appear on invitations, party favors, tables, dishes to serve treats, balloons and other decorative objects, such as the diaper cake, which has been widely used in events of this type.

And to make the environment even more personalized, you can use the child’s name (if chosen) in various details in the decoration of the baby shower. The name can appear on personalized cups, tablecloths, balloons, wall prints, and a variety of other embellishments.

baby shower cake pictures

Something that many moms and dads also tend to do is choose a certain theme, such as cartoon characters, some kind of sport or the family’s favorite football team, and create the decor inspired by these references.

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Other baby shower decorating ideas

The tones of the decoration vary according to the gender of the child (Illustrative Photo)

Between the baby shower decorating ideas, it is also worth mentioning the use of colored balloons and different formats; the use of personalized napkins; and the differentiated arrangement of snacks, cakes, cupcakes and sweets, forming beautiful decorations.

Baby shower invitation: ideas, templates

Another interesting tip is to assemble a clothesline with baby clothes, to make the environment much more charming. You can even make more than one clothesline and spread them around the space where the party is taking place.

baby shower decor pictures

With a beautiful decoration, the baby shower is even more lively (Illustrative Photo)

Souvenirs are great for gifting guests (Illustrative Photo)

Another example of a souvenir (Illustrative Photo)

Use the treats themselves to create the decoration (Illustrative Photo)

To decorate the baby shower, count on the help of friends (Illustrative Photo)

Inspired by Disney characters (Illustrative Photo)

The clothesline with baby clothes is a great success (Illustrative Photo)

Diaper Cake (Illustrative Photo)

The decoration of the baby shower can have several inspirations (Illustrative Photo)

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