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20 Years Later, Julia Roberts Explains Why She Didn’t Shave Her Armpits In Her Famous Photo

In recent years, many celebrities have wanted to claim female hair at events and red carpets. However, this was not something very common in 1999, when Julia Roberts appeared without waxing at the presentation of nottinghill in London.

The actress wore a short-sleeved red sequined dress, which revealed her armpit hair, a moment that was highly commented and that everyone thought was done to normalize female hair.

Almost 20 years later we found out why he did it.

The reason why Julia Roberts appeared in waxing at the presentation of nottinghill

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Julia Roberts confessed last Sunday on the program Busy Tonight, from E! News, that it really was a miscalculation. “The image of that moment is constantly in my head. L

the truth is that I did not measure the length of the sleeve well, nor the movement. I didn’t think about how they could combine and reveal my intimacies,” said the actress. «

It wasn’t so much a statement as a plea that I make as a human being, to myself.”

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But not only that, the interpreter also explained why she had stopped starring in romantic comedies, a genre with which she became tremendously famous in the 90s. “Sometimes there are roles that do not fit with you”he added.

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Currently, she has made the leap to the small screen as producer and protagonist of the intrigue series homecoming. “For me it’s not about film or television, it’s about whether there’s a good story behind it,” she explained.

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Did you remember the famous image in which Julia Roberts appeared without waxing? Did you also think it was a feminist allegation? Tell us in the comments!

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Cover image: @juliaroberts / Instagram and E! NewsFountain: Busy Tonight (E-news)

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