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20 useful and fun tips

If spending control is one of your main concerns this holiday season, then check out some cheap Christmas gift ideas.

At Christmas, the gift list is always extensive – it is inevitable. And also inevitable are concerns about expenses. But you won’t have to leave anyone out to stay on budget. To prove it, there is this list with suggestions for cheap christmas giftswhich we have prepared for you.

If, on the one hand, we feel compelled to participate in the Christmas spirit, offering a gift, even a symbolic one, to those who are dearest to us; on the other hand, we need to contain expenses, not least because there are a number of other bills that also have to be paid.

Offering something with meaning, that is useful, or that provides fun moments is, therefore, the best option. Therefore, we have listed some suggestions for cheap Christmas gifts, so that you can continue to pamper children and adults without breaking your budget.


Utilities, accessories and even clothes are some of the examples of cheap Christmas gifts that we recommend. Take note.

1. Bottle of water

For those friends who are more forgetful about how much water they should drink every day, then offer them a water bottle as a fun souvenir.


2. Makeup bag according to the sign

If you have a more vain friend, who always takes her make-up kit with her everywhere, then offer her a bag, so that everything is done with maximum style. Beautiful and affordable, this is a gift that will please.


3. Tote bag

These days, it’s always a good idea to have a bag close at hand in case anything happens. As such, why not offer a super practical model that can easily be carried in your wallet? A gift that is even more environmentally friendly.



4. Photo frame

The photographs remind us of happy times. Choose a good memory, print it and offer it in a beautiful frame. It will be a simple gift, but full of meaning.


5. Quartz Face Roller

A facial roller always comes in handy for your skincare routine. This economical roller, with rose quartz, helps fight swelling, reduce fine lines and dark circles, as well as tighten pores and promote a detox effect.


6. Bracelets

A pack of 3 bracelets, available at Kiabi, that you can offer to your friend, mother, wife, girlfriend… It goes well with several outfit options and will make the person always remember you when wearing it.


7. Facial Cleansing Brush

Beauty addicts can’t do without a facial cleansing brush and many of them believe that the accessory can transform their skincare routine. This is an affordable option that you can find at Primark.


Support for tablet or smartphone

8. Support for tablet or smartphone

This tablet or smartphone holder is made of bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials found in nature. That’s why it’s a gift that’s both useful and up-to-date.


9. Glue 3 turns

The symbology of the number 3, which is the number of turns this necklace has, indicates people’s expression and sensitivity. They represent faith, hope and charity. Do you know someone who can relate to this meaning?


to-do list block

10. To-do list block

For the most forgetful friends: this notepad serves as a to-do list and can be applied in various areas of life. Whether it’s for the shopping list, household chores list, Christmas gift list or even the daily to-do list at the workplace.


11. Blanket

A blanket always tastes good on these colder days and nights. And there are never too many. What matters is that you choose one that is warm and in a neutral color, to match all decorative styles.


storage basket

12. Storage basket

The storage baskets turn out to be a fundamental piece for storing the “stuff” that we don’t want to be visible. This one is the perfect size for organizing makeup brushes or shaving accessories.


13. Air freshener sachets

Your clothes will smell even better with these air freshener bags to put in your wardrobe. It is a very affordable and useful gift that will please anyone.



14. Mirror

In the bedroom or bathroom, a magnifying mirror always comes in handy. This stainless steel model will not rust over time and has yet another great advantage: it is a very inexpensive Christmas gift.


15. Christmas scarf with led

To get into the spirit of the season, we also suggest a festive scarf on the list of cheap Christmas gifts. Dinners and get-togethers will gain more animation.


lunch bag

16. Lunch bag

Taking lunch to work has many benefits: you save money and eat healthier. Hence, a lunch bag can be a very assertive and successful offer.


17. Gloves

Let’s face it: the days are getting colder and we all feel it. Then offer some very warm gloves to someone special, who will be much more comfortable with this gift.


18. Dress

About You has been surprising with good brands at affordable prices and this dress is an excellent example. Do you already know who you are going to offer it to?


19. Blouse

Still in the clothing field, we found this blouse at a very attractive price. Just a few clicks to buy. Hurry, so it arrives in time for Christmas.


20. Reindeer glasses

We end with a fun suggestion, which you can offer to that friend who joins in all the games. In fact, everyone will want to try these reindeer glasses.


As you can see, it’s not that difficult to give someone a little treat without having to spend a lot of money. All our suggestions for cheap Christmas gifts are accessible to all budgets and tastes. You already have ideas, the hardest thing now will be choosing.

Good shopping!

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