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20 ideas to decorate your living room

The living room is one of the most thought-out parts of the house when it comes to decorating. After all, the living room is the place where we usually spend most of our time and it is also the room where we receive visitors. There are several living room decor styles and you can take items you like from each decor style and combine them in a way that looks cool with the house in general. Small rooms can be enlarged with mirrors, while large rooms can be made more comfortable with plush rugs. check out 20 ideas to decorate your living room🇧🇷

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Vintage living room decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

20 ideas to decorate your living room

Like all parts of the house, the living room needs to be a comfortable and well-decorated place, even more than the other parts as it is the most frequented in the house. Check it out below 20 ideas to decorate your living room🇧🇷

Wallpapers, a vibrantly painted wall and light colors are ideas for a beautiful room.

  1. The first decision to be made is the color of the wall. Light colored walls add to the ambience. Brown, beige and black go well with almost any other color. Also consider wallpapers which are great decorating tips.
  2. Mentally sketch the wall decor of the room. Will she have landscape paintings? of family photos? Will there be shelves for picture frames? One idea is the compositions of paintings with photos and landscapes, all together and mixed on the living room wall, but with great taste and preferably the same frame.
  3. Instead of buying a new armchair, if you already have one in good condition, you can have a new outfit made and it will look like you bought another one.
  4. The idea of ​​changing the clothes of the armchair also fits the sofa. Pallets are good ideas for practically all the decor and also serve to build a super irreverent and rustic sofa.
  5. Plain fabrics, mix of prints and colors that match each other. There are several ideas for pillows, pay attention to the style of decoration that is your living room. A tip for vintage decor is pillows with images of Hollywood cities and legends.
  6. Synthetic rugs are economical, don’t show as much when they’re dirty, and are waterproof. One downside is the short duration.
  7. Cotton rugs are inexpensive and machine washable, but they stain and fade easily.
  8. The options for ecologically correct rugs are sisal, jute or bamboo.
  9. If you have breathing problems, choose short-haired ones as they are easier to clean.
  10. In order not to make mistakes in the decoration, choose rugs in neutral colors.
  11. A rug that is too large can “drown” the decor and when too small it can give the impression that something is missing. So choose the ideal size for your room, neither giant nor tiny.
  12. Make sure the lighting in the room is correct both day and night. Natural light expands the environment.
  13. Lampshades can also adorn the living room decor.
  14. For modern decor, the ideal lampshades and lamps are in one color. Lamps in crochet cords are a good example.
  15. Psychedelic Illuminated Beads are ideal lampshades and lamps for rustic or retro decor.
  16. Coffee tables complete the decor. Pallets and even an old door can turn into a beautiful and delicate coffee table.
  17. The side table serves as a support for the sofa, they finish off the decor. You can even use a mini ladder as a side table to put glasses, books and a cup while having tea watching TV, for example.
  18. Sideboards can be made of wood, glass and even marble.
  19. Sideboards can support family photos or serve as a support for various objects.
  20. Add decorative objects. Display objects that match you and the decor.

20 ideas to decorate your living room, Photos

Room with rustic decor style (Photo: Disclosure)

Now that you’re inside the 20 ideas to decorate your living roomlearn more about the main decoration styles and choose the type that best suits you and your home:

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Environments normally formed by furniture inherited from a family. Its highlight is in the voluminous pieces and loaded environments. Its most striking feature is the wealth of details. The color palette is essentially composed of black, navy blue, burgundy, brown and cream, usually combined with gold, silver or rust colored elements.


The theme comes from the culture and craftsmanship of tribes or peoples from different parts of the world. Its fabrics with striking prints and interesting contrast of colors, statues and masks are very much appreciated.


The vintage appeared in the 40s and is marked by strong and bold colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, lilac, with the use of almost mandatory wallpaper. Retro objects such as bicycles, cages, cups, clocks stand out. and paintings with characters that marked history. Over time, the vintage has been renewed and gained new elements such as cupcakes, chalkboard walls and references to London or NY.


Rustic preaches the simple, portraying the climate of the countryside, with an artisanal air and old furniture worn by time, usually made of wood. Natural colors like brown and green are the most common. Raw, dark wood, grooves, knots and cracks are apparent.

There are many other decorating styles and you don’t have to follow a line. But it’s nice to know these styles because many times after we identify with a type of decoration in particular, it is much easier to decorate any piece. Check it out below 20 ideas to decorate your living room Photos🇧🇷

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