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20 ideas for every taste

For family, friends or work colleagues, we have good suggestions for Christmas gifts for up to 5 euros, which will be a hit.

We always say the same thing: the year has flown by and, next thing you know, it’s Christmas again. And, of course, the festive season brings its endless lists of things to do. To simplify your life at this very busy time, we have several suggestions for Christmas gifts up to 5 euroswhich will help you save time and money.

Even though it’s a time when saving is the golden rule, especially at a time when inflation is making itself felt, there’s no reason to stop us from offering something affordable to those closest to us.

It is true that the spirit of Christmas is not based on gifts, but we are always happier when we give something to someone.

Christmas gifts under 5 euros that everyone will love


For your best friend, goddaughter, girlfriend, mother… This simple and delicate bracelet has a great deal of meaning. A small gesture can say so much.


christmas globe

christmas globe

A Christmas globe is a gift that represents a bit of the holiday spirit. In addition, it is something that every year the person you offer it to can use in the period decoration and that way they will always remember you.


christmas tree ornament

tree ornament

This type of ornaments and tree decorations are also perfect for giving a little Christmas treat, as they can be completely personalized. In addition, it will make any pine tree even more beautiful and special.



There is no Christmas without stockings to offer someone. In that sense, opt for warm and fluffy ones, like this example. They come in handy on these cold days and are never too much.




What’s a Christmas without chocolates? It’s not funny at all, is it? Then offer those that are almost a symbol of this era: the mythical and comforting Ferrero Rocher.


wallet with initial

If you have a friend who keeps losing her cards, the best thing is to offer her this wallet, where she can put them all. Discreet and small in size, it even fits in a pants pocket, so there are no more excuses for the most distracted.



Wine bottle

A good wine to accompany good food is always welcome and, as such, it could not fail to be present in our list of Christmas gifts up to €5. It will be the ideal partner to accompany codfish.



It’s suitable for both sexes and we’re sure of one thing: it’s going to be a very used gift, not least because this autumn has already shown us how cold the days get. Therefore, in addition to being very trendy, due to its color, this is a very useful fashion accessory.


Game Four in a Row

It promises hours of fun in this great battle. A fun game that passes from generation to generation and can create lively family moments.


scented candle

Organs for flavoring? It may sound strange, but this candle will prove just the opposite. It will leave a surprising and distinctive aroma around the house. And best of all, when you’re done, you’ll have a really nice can to use as a decoration object.



For those who love to always have their house smelling good, then this diffuser is a good option. It has a fresh smell, which gives us comfort and a feeling of relaxation.


Keychain “Nitendo”

Those most fans of the favorite console of yesteryear will love to add this Nintendo miniature to their house keys.


decorative elephant

Do you have a friend who recently moved house? So, help him with the decoration elements. Christmas is also for that: to give useful and meaningful gifts.


basketball set

The youngest will not resist, after all, it is impossible not to like a gift that makes the whole family jump and have fun together.



This type of decorative objects is very fashionable. Although this can be hung in a window or on the balcony, for example, it can also be used to decorate shelves and shelves.




Do you have a friend with real artistic gifts? Then, offer him a notebook where he can work his magic and create works of art. Who knows, you might even be able to ask him for a personalized drawing, which you can then frame.



And since we are talking about ordering a personalized design, why not have the frame ready to put something very special, be it a drawing or a photograph. Its simple design will fit in with different decorative environments.


conservation can

A box to put the coffee or to put the tea. This suggestion seems to us to be very suitable for lovers of these hot drinks, which they taste so good on colder days.



And to drink, offer a unique, different and unusual mug that will surprise with its beauty. We suggest this model, available in several colors, that will make any kitchen even more beautiful.


bamboo sticks for sushi

Sushi fans are ideal candidates for this gift! In addition, the fact that they are made of bamboo makes this an environmentally friendly gift.

Price:€2 / 4 pairs

As you can see, buying Christmas gifts for under 5 euros is a matter of creativity and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to please someone special.

It is enough that you choose with a purpose and that the person feels that he was careful when thinking about what to offer him.

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