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20 Hilarious Images That Prove Why You Should Never Get A Dog

Dogs are sometimes stupid. We all know that compared to cats, they are about as cute as a hippo gliding on ice. But while they can be quite clumsy at times, they are adorable!

We have compiled a List Of Dogs Doing Really Silly Things, And They’re Hilarious.

We know they don’t want to be mean, there isn’t an ounce of malice in them, and that’s why we can’t get mad at them! Scroll down to see them with your own eyes, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!

The funniest photos of dogs

1- Completely sorry


2- This dog thought the door was closed

Daniel Wirtz

3- Hey, girls, I want too!


4- My dog ​​ran away, after hours looking for him, he appeared like this


5- Water can play you


6- His best friend is a brick


7- He brought all his toys for the dog in the mirror to play with them


8- A friend’s dog put the sprinkler inside the living room


9- I threw him a ball and he came back with a potato


10- It is believed that you have to wait in line to get a prize


11- I found a lost seal in my bathroom


12- It’s hard to explain but one of my dogs helped me cut the grass


13- This dog went through bad times, he received comfort just before he spoiled everything…


14- Adorable chicken thighs


15- But hey, where has the cat gone?


16- I came home and found my dog ​​like this


17- I like to tease my dog


18- This bulldog loves boxes, but he is not good at getting them home

Elizabeth Santos

19- My friend’s chihuahua ate a pot brownie yesterday


20- One is smarter than the other


What did you think? Which one did you like the most? Post your impressions in the comments section!

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