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20 funny images that show the transformation of people before and after having children

Having children is a really important decision. It changes your life, beyond any experience or stage you have lived so far, and it is simply because it carries a great responsibility.

20 Photos of parents before and after having children


Bringing a new person to life no longer just means looking after yourself, but dedicating all your attention to the new offspring that has just been born.

This is the case of Mike Julianellea man who created his own blog called ‘Dad and Buried’ to share all that experience that fathers live when they have a new member in the family.


Mike invites people to upload images to share before and after photos of them becoming parents to show how their children “ruined” them.


Julianelle has two children. “Detective Munch is 7 years old and Hammer is 2,” he said.

“I’ve been sharing the painful truth about parenting on my blog for quite some time and now I want you to be”


I’ve been creating a series of memes showing the rooms and things the kids have destroyed and a before/after picture of my face.


A user suggested that I do it in series and request submissions. It was a great idea!” Mike further adds that what he uses is humor and solidarity with parents so that it costs them less to deal with the day-to-day problems with their children.

{keyword}“He’s always said not to take parenthood too seriously, and these photos are a great way to visually represent that. Everyone who sends photos is in on the joke, we all love our children, but there’s no denying the cost what it means to raise children. If you can’t laugh about it, you’ll never survive!”{keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} {keyword}

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