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20 decorating tricks to transform your home

Interested in changing the look of your home, but have little money to buy new objects and accessories? Look 20 decorating tricks to transform your homein the article below, and find out how to change your decor without spending too much.

20 decorating tricks to transform your home (Illustrative Photo)

To change the decoration of the house, it is not necessary to invest large sums in the purchase of new furniture, decorative objects, painting and accessories. Punctual changes, in small details, already contribute a lot to give a new face to the property.

Plants to decorate your home in 2016

What this article covers:

20 decorating tricks to transform your home

Use plants in decoration (Illustrative Photo)

Use plants in decoration (Illustrative Photo)

And how to change the decor without spending too much? The first point is to be aware of the space available to make changes. Next, you must look at creative ways to occupy that space.

The others tips for decorating the house you can see below.

1- Use potted plants

In addition to being cheap, plants bring life to the environment, and can be used in the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

2- Change the curtain

Have the curtains in the house been used for many years? So, it’s time to invest in new models.

3- Wallpaper

Instead of changing paint, invest in wallpapers, which cost less and are easy to apply.

4- Wall stickers

Adorning the wall with objects and colors can be expensive. In this case, stickers emerge as a great alternative, and can be found in various styles.

5- Refurbish the furniture

Sofas, tables, chairs and armchairs, among other furniture, can gain a new look, with minor renovations.

6- Move the furniture around

This is the simplest decorating trick and makes all the difference to a new look in the environment.

Change the kitchen decor with simple tricks (Illustrative Photo)

Change the kitchen decor with simple tricks (Illustrative Photo)

7- Use frames

Mount a wall with pictures, but be careful not to overload the environment (prefer to place them away from the TV).

8- Photo wall

Choose the right images for each space and make a beautiful photo wall.

9- Reuse old objects

Old objects that you have stored can give your home a sophisticated and elegant look.

10- Musical instruments in decoration

They are eye-catching and can also add to the decor, as long as you take care not to damage them.

beach house decor 2016

11- Invest in the coffee table

In addition to decorating the room, it is very practical, serving as a support for serving food and drinks, leaving books and photos, exposing objects, etc.

12- Hang different items on the wall

In addition to paintings, photos and mirrors, among others decorative objects traditional items, you can also add some unusual items to the wall, such as plates, sets of mirrors with different shapes, clocks, etc.

The decoration of the room can also be changed by following some tips (Illustrative Photo)

The decoration of the room can also be changed by following some tips (Illustrative Photo)

13- Bet on light fixtures

They draw attention and give a new style to any environment. And the best thing is that you can make a lamp at home, using very simple materials, and customize it.

14- Stickers on the fridge

An interesting way to change the decor in the kitchen is to stick stickers on the fridge. There are some very different and funny models that will certainly make the room more cheerful.

15- Tile stickers

Still in the case of the kitchen, you can also invest in tile adhesives, which change the face of the kitchen quickly and cheaply. They are also good for the bathroom.

16- Decoration with pallets

Those wooden boxes discarded by industries and also in commerce are used to create sofas, chairs, tables, beds and much more.

17- Use rugs

They help separate environments and give floors a new look, but don’t forget to be careful with people with allergies and the falls that rugs can cause.

18- Decoration with natural objects

Shells, sand, stones and other objects found in nature help to give a calmer atmosphere to certain corners of the house.

The living room is another space that can gain a new face (Illustrative Photo)

The living room is another space that can gain a new face (Illustrative Photo)

19- Change the color of the wall

If you want to dare a little more, the solution can be change the paint on the walls, something that will surely transform your decor. Be careful when choosing colors, so as not to bet on tones that will soon become boring.

20- Invest in shelves

Light fixtures to decorate your home

They are great for organizing various environments, leaving more space for people to circulate and also for placing other furniture.

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