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20 awesome haircut trends 2022

Would you like to know what are the beautiful and trendy haircuts for women this season? Fashionable haircut 2021 is a composition of masculine and feminine traits, a combination of daring with tenderness. We always want to combine simplicity and lightness, classics and versatility in a haircut. When choosing a fashionable hairstyle, pay attention to all the subtleties and nuances. The main trends are considered asymmetry and layers. These women’s haircuts look very natural, so there are options that are suitable for everyone.

Long, voluminous hair layers at the back of the head with lots of medium length layers around the face. Elegant, rock and roll inspired haircut, easy to style without the help of a hairdresser. The length should be quite long to be able to make a “ponytail”, while some layers should fall over the face.

long and wavy

Long curly hair looks luxurious. Curls need to be given a natural shape. But such long hair requires professional hair care. You can experiment with long, wavy hair, look for your own style, create a unique look.

curtain fringes

Haircuts with curtain bangs are the top haircut trend of the season. When styling your curtain bangs, you can keep your hair’s natural texture or you can create a messy textured look using styling products.

Long with Layers

This haircut is more versatile if the layers start below the chin. Long layered hair is always in fashion.

Long Lob

The long lob haircut is the hit of the year. Take a cue from celebrities like Adele and Emma Watson.

Long Lob With Layers

A smooth, chic and modern haircut that takes little time to style.


The pixie haircut will be the hit of the season. You can use a hair styling gel for a wet look.

Invisible Layers

A haircut with invisible layers balances between medium and long hair. A modern version of this haircut is softer and airier than straight ones.

textured bob

Textured Bob is a unique and creative haircut for medium hair that looks messy and trendy.

straight fringes

Haircuts with bangs allow you to experiment and create a new style. With the help of long bangs, you can create a youthful and sporty look.

long bob

A long bob haircut with long bangs in the front looks so natural. The ends of the hair should be straight to create the right silhouette.

classic lob

A lob is a variant of the bob cut. The length of this haircut should be between long hair and a bob cut.

Long Side Fringe

Long side bangs are much longer than classic bangs. This haircut is so cool and universally flattering!

shoulder height

For those who like long hair, deciding to go shorter can be intimidating. If you are not ready for a bob then the shoulder length haircut is perfect for you.

Shoulder length with bangs

Medium length haircuts with long straight bangs look great regardless of your hair type or texture.


It seems that the bob haircut never goes out of style!

medium with waves

Medium length hair with waves is a great choice for all women.

Messy bob with highlights

Messy bob with balayage or highlights looks even cuter!

Long Curtain Fringes

Long curtain bangs are the best way to add some volume to your long hair.

blunt lines

A blunt line haircut is a cut without layers. The best choice for women with straight and thin hair.

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