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2 Via Voter Registration Via the Internet

We know that today it is possible for you to get your voter registration card over the internet and this is without a doubt a procedure that saves many people time, if you are 16 years old, then you can now register your voter registration card through the TSE, the procedures for this are very simple and also fast, and you only spend a few minutes filling in the necessary data for this to be effective.

For those who lost their title, or it was stolen, we recommend that they request the voter title 2 via the Internet. (photo: publicity)

For those who lost the title, or it was stolen, we recommend that you request the voter registration card 2 via the Internet and these procedures can be carried out through the link: http://www.tre-sp.gov.br/. Now you know how to apply for your duplicate voter registration card, remember this must be done as soon as possible and in these cases, it is very important that you always have the document in order to avoid problems.

When accessing the aforementioned site, the home page will appear, click on the “voter” icon, at which time some options will be shown: scheduling, service letters, certificates, electoral justification, polling station, biometric re-registration, title and polling place, among others. In the latter, guidance is given on how to obtain the title and the duplicate, which can be requested via the internet, but the applicant must appear at the electoral registry office in his/her region, with documents and electoral discharge.

the applicant must appear at the electoral registry office in his/her region, with documents and electoral discharge. (photo: publicity)

So you can now use the site to withdraw the re-registration voter registration, within a few days, just go to the electoral registry office to gain access to your new document, also, we should point out that through the official website it is possible to locate the electoral registry office in your city, as well as the address and telephone number referring to the same. This service enables quick service to the interested party, as the person fills in the data correctly, avoiding errors that delay the process.

In case of doubt you should be requesting help to obtain information about online voter registration through the voter service center, the number is available at the top of the website header. You will find it easily. In this way, that our tips have helped you to carry out these procedures successfully, and that you can access your new document as soon as possible.

Duplicate voter registration online. (photo: publicity)

If you want to know how to get voter registration just access the TSE website and click on “NET Title”, follow the recommendations made through the website and fill in the data as requested.

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What this article covers:

Documents to get the 2nd copy of the Voter Title

  • RG;
  • Birth Certificate (if single) or Marriage Certificate;
  • Card issued by bodies created by federal law, controllers of professional practice (OAB, CRM, CREA etc);
  • CNH, including digital, and even if its validity period has passed;
  • Passport, provided it contains all the data necessary for the applicant’s qualification, including affiliation.

Attention: documents must be submitted in original, legible, without abbreviations, in good condition and within the validity period.

Condition for requesting the duplicate:

  • Being even with the Electoral Justice.
  • When the voter does not vote or justify his absence from the elections, a fine of R$ 3.51 per shift is generated. The Union Collection Guide can be issued online or at the electoral registry office, for payment at Banco do Brasil.

Pay attention: the Banking Institution does not report the payment to the Electoral Justice, therefore it is necessary to present the form with the respective proof of payment to the Electoral Registry for registration in the system.

Restrictions to remove the duplicate of the Voter Title

  • Having a criminal conviction whose sentence has not been fully served.
  • Have a conviction for administrative impropriety whose penalty of suspension of political rights has not been served.
  • Fulfilling or not having completed mandatory military service.
  • Having a pendency in the electoral register referring to: the non-presentation of accountability for the electoral campaign.
  • Having pecuniary debts with the Electoral Court: fine for not attending the polls; fine for absence from electoral work; fines imposed due to violation of provisions of the Electoral Code, Law No. 9504/97 and related laws, while debts have not been paid.

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