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2 Things you should keep in mind when storing eggs that we often do wrong

People could be classified according to the state of their fridges. On one side are the the familiesthose that are overflowing with foodSo much so that one thing covers the other and you have to do a Tetris every time you have to save something new.

Then there are the The singlesthose that barely keep an expired yogurt and a couple of lemons drier than the mojama.

Finally there are the ordered fridgesor so they say, because I still don’t know anyone who has managed to keep order in their fridge for more than two days.

If we put aside the state of the fridges and focus on the products we keep inside, then we can indeed cry.

Although we try to do our part, in the end we always we end up keeping products in the fridge that should go in the pantry and vice versa.

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Who hasn’t had a carton of eggs in their hands and thought for a few seconds where the heck they are kept?

The 2 Things we should keep in mind

Fridge or pantry?

Fridge or pantry? Cool or warm? Outside or inside? After all, when we buy them we do it at room temperature, but when we get home, a superior force forces us to put them in the fridge.

Cold is the best solution

The quick and easy answer is that The best option is to keep them in the fridge.. The cold does not affect its flavor or properties and facilitates its conservation.

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The fact that they are sold unrefrigerated is due to the fact that, indeed, eggs do not need to be at a low temperature to be preservedHowever, changes in temperature do not suit them too well. That’s why the fridge is a safer place than a kitchen cabinet, where the temperature may vary much more.

And you, are you one of those who keep them inside or outside the fridge? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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