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2 seater sofa bed: models, prices

The sofa should be chosen according to the lifestyle of the residents. For example, if there is the custom of receiving guests and there are not enough accommodations, then it is worth investing in the 2 seater sofa bed🇧🇷

The sofa bed is perfect for small houses and apartments as it is multifunctional. (Photo: Disclosure)

O ideal sofa bed needs to be proportional to the size of the environment. It also needs to have a sturdy and comfortable structure so that people can rest, watch TV and even enjoy a good night’s sleep.

By mixing comfort and modernity, the sofa bed proves to be a perfect item to keep up with the pace of modern life. Efficient and flexible, he is able to recognize the needs of modern residences and helps compose decorations with different styles.

What this article covers:

There are different sofa bed models available in stores, which vary with regard to the type of fabric, color, size and shape. Those who live in a house or a small apartment should bet on the version of mobile with two seatsas it does not take up much space and offers a pleasant accommodation.

Sofa bed with modern lines. (Photo: Disclosure)

You sofas that turn into a bed with classic design are the best sellers in stores. In addition to straight and basic lines, they also bet on neutral colors so as not to complicate combinations when decorating, such as white, brown, beige and black. Some models stand out on the market because they disguise the structure that becomes a bed as much as possible, thus guaranteeing an elegant and modern aesthetic result.

Who wants to invest in sofa bed in decoration you need to keep in mind the minimalist concept, that is, that ‘less is more’. In this way, the simpler the design of the furniture, the better the result of the decoration.

The sofa bed models can be structured in wood, steel or aluminum. The material used in the lining can be leather, nautical leather, suede, cotton, toweling, among other types of fabrics.

Prices and where to buy sofa beds

The sofa bed can be found on sale in different models. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out a selection of the prices and where to buy sofa bed:

– Elite Corino White American Comfort Sofa Bed for R$799.00 or 12x R$66.58 at Mobly.

– Sofa bed London Corino Preto American Cmfort for 629.10 or up to 12x of 52.43 interest free at Mobly.

– Sofa Bed Daiane Plus 2 Seats – Matrix for R$390.00 or in up to 12 installments of R$32.50 without interest at Magazine Luiza.

– Everest Sofa 2 Seats Polypropylene Gray Hellen for R$ 351.40 or in 12 installments of R$ 29.28 interest-free at Americanas.com.

– American Comfort Elite Corino sofa bed for R$823.41 or 12X of R$68.62 at Casas Bahia.

– Sofa Bed Caribe 2 Seater Corino Beige Pelmex for BRL 920.55 or 12 installments of BRL 76.71 without interest at Americanas.com.

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