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2 Reasons why you should cut lemons into 4 pieces with salt in the middle of the kitchen

Experts consider that lemons are the healthiest fruit on the planet, since they have a large amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, which provide medicinal properties and make it an excellent natural remedy to take care of our health.

Lemon contains very powerful properties when it comes to combating certain conditions such as cholesterol, flu, pain and cramps, etc.

Fight germs, viruses, and bacteria; and also protects the skin thanks to its alkaline nature, and they are also good for the hair and the heart.


Its taste and smell as well enriches the flavor of many drinks and dishes.

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However, not everyone knows that lemons are very effective for get rid of bad odors kitchen, as well as the germs and bacteria that usually inhabit the surfaces of it.

this simple trick It will help you exploit these properties of lemons so that you can use them in your kitchen:

The first thing you should do is cut a lemon into 4 parts, but without reaching the end, so that they stay together. Next, throw a little salt on top and leave it in the kitchen.

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One of the most interesting things about this trick is that in this way you will be able to reduce the use of chemicals that harm the environment and people’s health, you will neutralize odors and you will also obtain a refreshing and citric smell.

Another trick with lemons that you can use in your kitchen is to take 3 lemons, squeeze them, and mix them with a little salt and soap. Put the mixture in a bottle of water and you will have a natural disinfectant to kill bacteria in your kitchen!


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