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19 Images of the situations that a woman has to live on a daily basis

The life of a woman in the big city is not easy; unfortunately, she faces a host of problems that the rest of her fellow male citizens can’t even imagine and getting them to empathize with them is much more difficult than it may seem.

The Russian artist Anastasia Ivanova, better known as the Stushona, is a 31-year-old illustrator living in Chelybinsk who has dedicated her originality with the pen to give life to the most recurring situations suffered by women In your daily life.

19 Situations Every Woman Has To Live Against

Through comics, I express my attitude towards the world. I think a point of irony is the best way to deal with the world’s problems.«.

1- I need coffee, go, go, go

2- How I see hairdressers

-Cut me only the tips.-But I only asked you to cut the ends!- Ah! I thought you wanted me to cut all your hair.

3- How to survive the winter

drinking coffee with marshmallows

4- You cannot be fashionable and dark at the same time

5- The theme of the day

6- Your dreams can come true

7- How do you like your coffee?

«I love when the coffee is black like my man«.

8- All I need is you

– I am your workedAll I need is you– But… what about the weekend?– Why is it so small?– Oops…

9- Summary of my Monday

10- Cooking with a cat

11- Go shopping

12- Confrontation in the subway

13- There is no problem that cannot be solved

14- Look face to face at your food

15- The inspiration of an artist

16- Solar eclipse

17- Public transport

18- Can I pet it?

19- We have finally reached the top

Being a strong and independent woman is not easy, much less when all you hear are these types of phrases.

How many times have you faced such a situation? Do you feel identified with the artist?

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