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18 Year Party Tips

Turning 18 is an unforgettable date, a true passport to adult life. Despite being a moment of great transitions in the young man’s life, it is interesting that he finds ways to celebrate his birthday with his friends. A theme party has everything to be a success in this context, marking the beginning of a new phase in life. For this special date, there are several ways to celebrate in style and for those of you who have doubts, we have prepared some 18 Year Party Tips🇧🇷

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18 Year Party Tips

Boys and girls usually look forward to coming of age, so there’s nothing better than celebrating its arrival. THE party organization it can be up to the birthday person himself or a group of friends, who in turn want to surprise him with the celebration. In some cases a company specializing in parties is hired to take care of the preparations.

One of the most important points for organize an 18th birthday party is the choice of theme, it needs to match the birthday person’s personality and be compatible with the budget. Unlike the 15th birthday that is usually held by girls and following a tradition, the 18th birthday celebration is much more flexible and free.

The theme chosen for the party needs to be worked out in advance, so that all elements of the party are carefully planned. It is important to preserve in the atmosphere of the event some elements of adolescence and youth, to make everything more fun and enjoyable.

Check below some 18th birthday party themes which are on the rise:

🇧🇷 Costume party: It has a very relaxed, pleasant decoration and with elements that indicate the theme of the party. The dance floor can have an LED light effect and the DJ can create a very eclectic music program to please everyone. The fundamental of this type of party is that everyone attends in costume, in the most creative way possible.

– 60’s party: Have you thought about a celebration of vintage style molds for your 18th birthday? So know that this idea has aroused the interest of many young people. The decoration of the party can highlight characteristic images, such as photos of famous personalities. A jukebox, helium gas balloons, and dangling vinyl records help shape a themed party. For the time machine to become even more real, it is recommended that everyone attend in character.

🇧🇷 rock in roll party: Rock is undoubtedly one of the most influential musical styles that exists, being able to dictate behavior, fashion and decoration trends. When adopted as the theme of an 18th birthday party, the musical repertoire is basically limited to the classics of the genre. The decoration can have soft lighting, images of guitars can illustrate the walls and musical note balloons help to reinforce the theme. Addressing the evolution of Rock over the decades is a very interesting proposal.

– Circus party: this theme is pure fun, values ​​a colorful look and aesthetic elements that remind the main participants of a show. For decoration, it is worth betting on balloons in different colors, colorful puffs, large balls and a dance floor in the shape of a riding arena. The birthday person can suggest that their guests come dressed according to the theme and even hire circus attractions to liven up their party.

🇧🇷 futuristic party: the celebration of 18 years can bet on the futuristic style to captivate the guests. This idea explores all the elements that symbolize the future, such as technology, augmented reality, helium gas balloons, the color silver and white, robots, among others. The musical repertoire can be eclectic, but the lighting needs to highlight all this progress imagined for the future, through the play of lights with special effects.

Themes such as Stone Age, Jungle, 80’s, Pajamas, Terror Night, Hawaii, Country and Aliens also serve as 18th birthday party tips🇧🇷 Consider the budget limit, have good taste and be creative in organizing the event.

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