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18 Photos Show That Nobody Takes Better Selfies Than Elijah Wood, The Frodo Of Photos

If you’ve ever needed proof to believe that Elijah Wood doesn’t take life in general too seriouslythen take a look at some of the funniest photos she’s taken with her fans.

Despite being super famous, the all-time favorite Hobbit always seems to have time for his followers, and as you can see below, there seems to be no pose he can’t strike to keep his army of loyal fans happy.

Walk a horse? For Elijah that’s just a game. whatPosing with several shirtless guys in the middle of the street? You have it down here. whatBury your face in someone’s chest? It also does it without a problem.

Scroll down for more examples of Elijah turning selfies into unforgettable memories.and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

Take a look at Elijah Wood’s best selfies with his fans:

1- He never hesitates to make the little ones happy


2- If it is necessary to get on a horse to satisfy his fans, he does it, here is the proof


3- He does not seem to be very upset in pleasing that woman


4- He takes the time it takes

Aaron Drake

5- There is no doubt that he has a great sense of humor


6- Who imitates whom?


7- I don’t know if I was very sure of what I was doing at that moment


8- When your colleague has had too much to drink but you are still sober

Chris Bored

9- He is very affectionate

Saira Rose

10- What your fans ask for


11- He seems like a good person


12- The awkward hand


13- He is good at it


14- Batman!


15- I don’t understand their expressions very well…


16- He stops to take a photo and smiles!

Lisa Herrera

17- He adores his fans


18- He has fans of all ages


What do you think? Do you know anyone better than Elijah Wood in his selfies? Post your impressions in the comments section!

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