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18% of Colombians still surf on 2G and 3G • ENTER.CO

Still 18% of Colombians only surf on 2G and 3G, even in the XXI century. But even so, the telephone companies make plans for the implementation of 5G networks in the country.

This data was revealed by Sergio González Guzmán, president of the ETB, during his presentation in the framework of Andicom 2022. In the opinion of the director of the ETB, 5G networks are not necessary in all market niches. For this, he proposed to make a fractional auction of the spectrum, which would help in diversified investment processes. This is very much in the style of how countries like Brazil have implemented it by grouping lots of regions or places of the spectrum.

He refuted the permanence of the spectrum auction, as has been done, because it is inefficient. In fact, he revealed that “of the 6 operators that participated in the 4G auction almost 10 years ago, only 3 remain”, a statistic that sets an important precedent for the 5G network.

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In this panel, the large national telephone operators had the opportunity to speak about the challenges of closing the connectivity gap in Colombia. With a view to dealing with new technologies. For his part, Marcelo Cataldo, president of Tigo, spoke about the deployment of 4G and 5G networks in the country. In this case, the manager said that it is necessary to reinforce the availability of the 4G network before thinking about making the leap to 5G networks.

He agrees that 5G will bring the future of connectivity to Colombia, and confirms that they know as a company how important this technology is. He said that Tigo was the first company to test 5G connectivity open to the public for a week in Medellin. But he points out that these networks bring with them a series of challenges such as coverage, regulation, costs and security. For him, “first we must get more than 10 million Colombians out of digital poverty (who still navigate on 2G and 3G) and then think about the 5G network,” he stressed.

Image: Hassan OUAJBIR at Pexels.com

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