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16 Pictures That Show Why You Should ‘Never’ Have A Cat

The cats they can be funny, entertaining and fascinating at the same time as innocent, somewhat idiotic and evil.

These are probably the main reasons why everyone always enjoys situations in which a cat is the protagonist.

If you want laugh You have to see the list that we bring you today. We have collected some funny situations in which cats show all aspects of their character.

1- Time to eat

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on feeders that dispense food by themselves in case you are not at home or that you try to teach it… Your cat will do what it wants.

Tumblr / sunnyseaa

2- Selfies? not with them around

Probably most of the times you want your cat to come to you, it doesn’t, however, on those occasions when you need a few minutes to yourself it won’t leave you alone.

Tumblr / *****

3- Funny situations

More than one needs to learn this cat’s makeup tricks…

Tumblr / i-cant-believe-its-no-homo

4- With friends

A cat can be really expressive, you just have to see his face while he rests with other cats in his bed… He doesn’t look very comfortable!

Tumblr / mostlycatsmostly

5- No one can wake them up

If it’s their bedtime, you can try to wake them up because they won’t move. Don’t you believe us? Look how much fun this owner has playing with him while he sleeps.


6- Awkward situations

Really, we would all have reacted the same as this cat if we witnessed this situation.

Tumblr / ********-humor

7- Good deeds

A firefighter saves this cat and instead of getting a souvenir photo, this cat decided he didn’t feel like posing.

Tumblr / unimpressedcats

8- Mischief

Having a cat means finding yourself in disastrous situations like this when you come home from work.

Tumblr / corporation-cats

9- Love?

Cats are not as affectionate as dogs but some are too surly…

Youtube / epartyka493

10- What is happening?

This is one of those moments when you try to understand what is going through your cats mind.

Tumblr / todd johnson

11- Colds

This is how groggy a cat looks just before it sneezes.

Dog Days And Cat Stays

12- Bad mood

And this is what they look like when they’re in a bad mood.

reddit / sunbeams14

13- Scary

Cats are easily scared, sometimes so scared that this cat almost fell off the table at the sight of a single hot dog.

Tumblr / ludicrouscupcake

14- Strange postures

Some cats have a human complex and therefore adopt quite strange postures.

15- They are really easy to fool

We have all ever played tricking a cat using a laser pointer.


16- Terrifying

They also know how to scare us in the middle of the night.

Tumblr / halloweenhalloweenhalloween

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