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16 Images that show the curiosities of heterochromia

hearing the word mutation Surely the first thing you could think of is the X-men, the famous Marvel superheroes, but there are other mutations that are visible to all, and that you have surely overlooked.

Today we bring you a list of 16 examples of heterochromia (an abnormality of the eyes in which the irises are a different color) that show how a mutation can result in something completely beautiful:


1- The typical image of heterochromia


2- Partial heterochromia


This type of heterochromia consists of having two colors in the same eye, it is much less common than the other type, but it causes the same impression.

3- Another example of heterochromic beauty


4- The heterochromic cat


If the two kinds of green weren’t enough, one of the eyes is half blue. Also, have you noticed that he also has a mustache with heterochromia? This cat is amazing.

5- The “partly” perfect man

img 584e5f5907680
Instagram: @Shadowsblurslights

Whether you like men with brown eyes but are not disgusted by one with blue eyes, this is your ideal man. The truth is that even if he only had one color of eyes, he wasn’t there to make him look ugly either.

6- Central heterochromia


This type is much more common than you think. I’m sure you’ve said that your eyes seem to change color, it’s probably due to this type of heterochromia, since depending on how dilated your pupil is, it seems that you have one color or another of eyes.

7- Incredible partial heterochromia


This example is the most incredible of all, since not only is it partial, but the blue fades into the brown. Worth to watch.

8- Brown and gray eye


9- Light blue and intense brown


10-David Bowie


Did you know that David Bowie had heterochromia? It’s hard to notice having a pupil that’s always so dilated, but if you look closely, you’ll see that each iris is a different blue.

11- The Husky, the heterochromic dog

img 584e639cf3105
Instagram: @cheezpanda13

Among the dog world, huskies are the most common to suffer from heterochromia. As if they weren’t adorable enough already.

12- Although they are not the only ones

img 584e63cc5c5f0
Instagram: @itty_bitty_pities

13- The perfect couple


They were made for each other.

14- And also the cats

img 584e66a14e2df
Instagram: @kaylacmarie

15- Precious cat

img 584e675c3ef41
Instagram: @rogueandwolf

16- No more photos

img 584e677c48739
Instagram: @bogdangavriliu

This poor guy is already tired of his owner not stopping taking photos of him to increase his likes.

Surely now you pay more attention to the color of the eyes of the people around you.

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