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15th birthday party decoration

This is a very special and traditional date for many families here in Brazil. THE 15 years party decoration it must be done calmly and planned, it is recommended to start organizing 6 months in advance. So that you know what should be done and how to do it, we’ve separated tips for you to decorate the party and rock it.

Party decoration is always complicated, as it is necessary to please the teenager who is in this new phase of life, without losing leaving the guests lost in the chosen theme. There are many possibilities for birthday decorations for 15th birthday parties, and the person can even opt for a more alternative 15th birthday decoration, with a different theme party. If you’re going through this situation, where you don’t know what to choose for your daughter’s 15th birthday party decoration, it’s good to keep an eye on the 15th birthday party decoration photos that we’ve separated for you.

15th birthday party decoration

When planning a 15th birthday party, we should not only focus on the celebration itself, but on the girl’s dreams, after all, she is the main star of this party. It is based on the girl’s wishes that she puts into practice what the 15th birthday party will be like, in short, an unforgettable celebration for her. For those who think that decorating a 15th birthday party is something simple, they are completely wrong, the act requires time and money, so it is advisable to hire a special team so that the party is planned with care.

There are 15th birthday celebrations that are themed, such as inspired by the 60s, 70s, fantasy, masquerade ball or luau, the cool thing about all of this is planning what to do together with the teenager. No matter the theme chosen, to keep everything in order on the day, nothing better than giving priority to details.

If you hire a team specialized in fifteen-year-old parties, you won’t have much difficulty in planning everything and they are the ones who put it into practice, however, an important detail for everything to work out is that it is done at least four months before the date of the party, unforeseen events can occur and there is nothing more unpleasant for all parties than having to plan everything in a hurry.

Hiring beforehand, you can check the references, portfolio and other information you deem necessary about the team that will take care of the 15th birthday party. When hiring, also pay attention to the job references, always choosing trustworthy people. Unfortunately, we need to study well before choosing a company or group of people to act and produce the party, as there are countless cases of people who hire parties and are left in the lurch at the last minute. Of course, there are a number of credible companies in the industry and they are the ones to look out for.

Also, compare prices from different companies. Closing the deal well in advance, preparing everything down to the smallest detail, researching the location, decor, souvenirs, clothes and other items, will make it easier for you to do everything within your budget, thus earning discounts on research and negotiations. In the rush, it is difficult to research and reduce some costs, especially clothing and accessories.

15th birthday party themes

masquerade ball

A masked ball is usually well accepted, in addition to being very interesting. To make it look cool, use colors like black, gold and red in party decor. Also, for your party to be in character, use various objects that have designs and details of masks.

Of course, when inviting friends and family, don’t forget to include in the invitation, whether virtual or printed, that the costume for the celebration is a costume and, if possible, confirm with the guests if they will be going in character and if they need help. In these situations, another common thing is raffles and this works for those who are very intimate and accept to play. The idea is interesting and funny, as the owner of the party can choose a theme or costume for each friend, but if they accept it.

You can put a mask on the cake, this will give an even more special touch to the decoration of the cake.

For this occasion dresses in dark colors such as black, navy blue and burgundy are well accepted, in addition, they are very elegant.

60’s party

To have a party reminiscent of this era, it is essential to separate some songs that were played in this decade, the decoration must contain black and white balls and discs hanging throughout the hall. In addition, drinks such as punch and snacks cannot be missing.

The clothes that were worn in the 60’s were: miniskirt, short tube dress with psychedelic or geometric prints with long boots (preferably white). It was common to wear hair lacquered heavily. And to give it a special touch: false eyelashes and white or silver makeup.

Traditional 15th birthday party

Some girls also choose to have a traditional party, which can have a dance in which they dance with their father. In order for this party to turn out the way you dreamed, you need to come up with the decor, colors, organize the waltz, buffet, in addition, it would be nice to hire a DJ.

Currently, the traditional party can be mixed with a ballad. Some girls already choose to start their party with the ballad, or it starts after dinner and the waltz.

The invitation

Regardless of the theme of the party, pay attention to the invitation. The model, font and size may vary, but what should prevail in the invitation is the style of the party you chose, that is, an invitation from the 60s should be made and produced in the same style of the time, which refers to the decoration items or accessories of that moment. And never forget to guide the guest about the day, place and time of the party. Leaving the party attire in the description of the invitation is essential.

It is good and elegant to worry about everything and, above all, about everyone. Therefore, be cordial at the party, parade happily and involve the guests in this magic that you will also be feeling on the day. Another important detail is to be concerned, for example, with parking spaces, where these cars will really be, if there are people who are driving and have chosen to drink. Always look for an alternative so that the party is remembered as something beautiful, elegant and just the right touch, with punctual delicacy.

Theme Party Photos

Tips for organizing the party

– Start with the guest list, so you can choose the location of the party;

– The time of the party is fundamental to be able to choose the type of costume to be used;

– Decoration: choose the type of decoration according to the location of the party and the colors you should use;

– If you are going to use flowers in the decoration, choose seasonal flowers, which are cheaper and easier to find;

– Arrange a candy table for guests to nibble on. In addition to giving charm to the environment, it makes the decoration more colorful in line with the date;

– Hire a buffet, but remember to research beforehand to ensure the quality of the service and find out about the company’s competence so as not to default;

– The dishes to be served to the guests may vary according to the weather, that is, whether it is cold or hot;

– The cake is the most important part of the party and it should be incredibly beautiful. Look for a bakery that specializes in party cakes to make your cake according to your preference. The Cake can be themed according to the decor.

By following the tips above you will be able to organize an incredible and unforgettable party.

Tips for decorating the 15th birthday party

Unlike other birthday parties, the event celebrating 15 years of a girl shows that a new phase of her life is starting, that is, she is abandoning her childhood once and for all to become a woman. It is on this phase transition proposal that the decoration should be based and delight the teenager.

Normally, 15th birthday parties are traditional, that is, they value the classic style through decoration and other attractions. When it accepts a standard proposal, the event values ​​delicacy and femininity, exploring colors such as white, pink and pastel tones to create a very romantic environment.

To get away from the traditional coming out party, many birthday girls end up opting for theming. In this idea, a theme is chosen to define the look of the party, the colors and attractions. There are many creative and tasteful solutions for theming, such as the party inspired by India, the Twilight saga, Moulin Rouge, fantasy, Rockstar and the 50s.

The secret of a good party decoration is in the details, so it is important to pay attention to the ornamentation of the guest tables and the setting up of the main table. Some ornaments match perfectly with the 15 year anniversary proposal, such as flower arrangements, candles, cages and colorful balloons. To leave the event decorated with more personality, it is worth betting on birthday photo exhibition by the environment. The decorated cake and the sweets made with care also act in the look of the party.

After the ceremony, the 15th birthday party can count on a very relaxed ballad to cheer up the young guests. The lighting effect and a dance floor cannot be missing for everyone to have fun.

Usually the debutante party is put together by a specialized company, but the birthday girl must make her preferences clear so that the celebration looks like her.

15th birthday party decorations pictures

Candy Table Photos

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