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15 typical mistakes that you usually make every day and have a quick solution

Not everything is as obvious as it seems. It’s amazing how much is hiding in plain sight, how much we take for granted, without assuming that we should do things differently, that unusual little details weren’t mistakes, but planned and designed on purpose.

Life improves when you realize that you can do things in a more efficient way.

Give these hacks below a try!

1- The fastest way to cool drinks: wrap them in a piece of damp paper before putting them in the fridge.

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2- Your mirrors can be used as dry erase boards

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3- Open a keychain with a staple remover.

Imgur / RuncibleSpoon

4- Save space in your closets by hanging your spray bottles on a bar.

reddit / DweadPiwateWoberts

5- Put the cans in your fridge quickly by opening both ends of the box, putting it whole in the fridge, and pulling the box out while holding the cans.


6- Have you ever wondered what that little slot in your can opener is for? voila!

reddit / piyh

7- The tabs at the end of the aluminum foil drop is to tuck them in and prevent the roll from coming out when you remove the paper.

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8- Fold the tab of the coffee lid inwards to reduce spillage.

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9- Avoid staining with the spoon by putting it in the hole in the handle of the pot.

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10- And when it’s time to heat your leftovers, make a hole in the middle so it heats evenly.

reddit / omgpolly

11- If you are reheating something that is dried in the microwave, put a small glass of water next to it.

reddit / Nylian

12- Hold the taco with a fork while you are filling it.

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13- Lift the small lid of the plastic seat to place your purchase in the cart.

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14- Stop getting your hand stuck in the Pringles can: you can insert a sheet of paper and create a “ramp” to make your potatoes more accessible.

Imgur / ToranoRadulf

15- Cut the bread upside down so as not to crush the top.

Twitter / @TrendsOfNigeria

16- Flatten the minced meat before freezing it, this way it will thaw faster.

Yellow Bliss Road

17- Peel the post-its from side to side instead of bottom to top to prevent the paper from curling.

reddit / hardypart

18- If you fold the potato bags in this way, you will save yourself from scrubbing a bowl.

Crafty Lumberjacks

19- Keep everything organized by putting the sheets in the matching pillowcase.

Martha Stewart
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