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15 Marketing and Advertising Books to Read in 2023

If you are immersed in the world of sales, or if you are passionate about the advertising market and want to stand out with your products or services, you must make sure that you read good marketing and advertising books so that your businesses are increasingly successful and profitable.

Currently it is vital to differentiate yourself from others in an authentic and disruptive way, especially since customer loyalty is a great challenge for brands in the modern era.

Ideally, those who promote products or services master the main fundamentals of marketing so that they can reach their potential customers with value offers that are of interest to them.

Marketing books that will help you differentiate yourself

In this article we will share with you a great selection of traditional, digital and neuromarketing books in Spanish that will help you scale your business in the short, medium and long term.

These marketing books have been written by renowned gurus and industry professionals, such as Philip Kotler, Grant Cardone either Brian Tracy.

So they will help you a lot when designing and implementing successful and effective sales strategies to boost your brands like a professional.

These marketing books that will help you polish your knowledge on the subject to generate more sales and profits with your products and services.

1. Marketing 4.0: Transform your strategy to attract the digital consumer

Philip Kotler He is considered the father of modern marketing and through this book he will help you define and implement marketing strategies to attract a greater number of digital consumers to your business.

New technologies, digital marketing and social networks, such as Facebook, can become your best allies to attract new customers until they become loyal.

This book will help you combine strategies related to traditional and digital marketing to obtain the best results for your company, business or venture.

Link: access the book

2. Emotions to attract customers

Manu Gutiérrez is the author of this book that will help you increase your sales or your conversions through neuromarketing.

Neuroscience and neuromarketing are closely linked, to the point that important studies have shown that their techniques are capable of significantly scaling your business.

With these types of marketing books, you will understand what your ideal consumer thinks or feels, and why they would be more attracted to your products or services, instead of preferring those of your competition.

The author will also help you understand the role that emotional intelligence plays in any sales process, which could help you a lot if you are currently immersed in this world.

Link: access the book

3. How to build a storybrand

Donald Miller is the author of this book that will help you clarify your messages so that your potential clients show a greater interest in what you have to offer.

You will learn to build a storybrand powerful enough to make your audience feel more fond of your brand.

Believe it or not, knowing how to tell stories is an art that not everyone masters, and therein lies the difference between a brand that stands out from the rest and another that struggles to stay afloat in this highly competitive market.

If you learn to tell engaging, emotional and persuasive stories, you will be able to scale your business like you always dreamed of.

This is one of the best-selling marketing books on Amazon lately, so you should take the time to read it carefully and get the most out of it.

Link: access the book

4. Sales psychology

Brian Tracyone of the most prestigious sales conferences and instructors in the world, promises to teach you all the keys and secrets of sales psychology so that you can sell more quickly and easily.

According to this author, sales psychology is more effective and powerful than traditional sales methods. In fact, Tracy founded the best-selling sales training program in history.

So this should give you an idea of ​​the great learning that awaits you in the pages of one of his most popular and iconic marketing books.

Link: access the book

5. do you sell or sell

This book is for you if you are an entrepreneur and you dedicate yourself to the sale of products or services in your day to day.

Grant Cardone, author best-seller of New York Times, It promises to change the way you perceive sales so that you can boost your business successfully.

Their knowledge will help you promote your products or services, and even your own personal brand, in order to achieve the life of your dreams, or your precious financial freedom.

Link: access the book

6. The Red Book of Advertising

on these pages Louis Bassat He shares with his readers the advertising knowledge that he learned over 25 years and that allowed him to achieve success.

This is one of those marketing books that will help you develop advertising strategies to sell more and better, in traditional media such as radio, the press or television.

You will also learn about institutional advertising, direct marketing, promotions, digital communications and the importance of brands and consumer intelligence in today’s world.

Link: access the book

7. Neurosales: Learn how the brain works to sell with intelligence and successful results

Nestor Braidot It will help you understand how the brain works to sell more intelligently and effectively.

Neurosales allow you to get to know your customers in depth to boost your sales, and above all, to build a relationship with them that is capable of lasting over time.

This book is a kind of brain training that could help you beat your competitors and stand out in your niche market quite successfully.

Link: access the book

8. Sell to the mind, not the people

Jurgen Klaric will teach you how to sell products and services like a pro with this book.

The methods and techniques that you will learn by reading it are based on scientific studies supported by neuroscientific and anthropological research.

Klaric explains that sales processes are usually very exhausting when we don’t know how the mind works.

This book has become the commercial model of large companies, such as SAB-Miller, Ikea, Telefónica Movistar or General Motors, and it will teach you to sell more and talk less.

Link: access the book

9. This is Marketing

Seth Godin explains in this book why you should not use marketing to solve the problems of your company, but to solve those of your own clients.

With his teachings you will leave behind the old advertising schemes or paradigms and you will focus on implementing disruptive and innovative strategies that stimulate the purchase intention of your ideal client.

Link: access the book

10. Neuro Copywriting: The science behind persuasive texts

With this marketing book written by Rosa Morel, you will learn how to use persuasive writing to sell more and attract better customers.

Through this book you will learn the techniques, studies and real cases to understand how the science and logic behind the texts that are persuasive work.

Link: access the book

eleven. The keys to mastering SEO

This book of Jose Noguera It will help you position your pages or blogs correctly in search engines.

SEO is your ace up your sleeve to gain authority and relevance on the Internet, as well as to capture quality traffic and boost your conversions.

This guide will be very useful if you have little knowledge on the subject, but you are also interested in mastering the keys to SEO so that your websites appear in the first positions of the Google results page.

Implementing a good SEO strategy can help you earn money on the Internet, and best of all, its practices are free or organic (you will not have to pay to achieve your goal successfully).

12. message to the unconscious

If you are interested in delving into the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and neuromarketing to increase the sales of your products or services, this book will be very interesting for you.

His actor, Sergio Vargas Obandor, it will teach you to speak to the unconscious of your consumers or clients to retain them without problems.

You will master important techniques and you will know how to approach and persuade your audience so that they are willing to buy your products or services, instead of showing interest in the offers of your direct or indirect competitors.

Link: access the book

13. Visibility on-line

If you have a business with a web presence and want to increase its visibility on-line you should complete this reading as soon as possible.

Bernat Riera It will teach you to increase the traffic of your blog or page, to attract more clients and to generate important income month after month.

This author promises to help you create a blog or a website from scratch using WordPress, and improve your positioning thanks to SEO and SEM.

In this way you can design the best digital marketing strategies for your business, and the best thing is that you need little capital to get down to work and succeed.

Link: access the book

14. The Purple Cow

One more time, Seth Godinstands out in the marketing market with this book that has become a great reference for successful marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and business people of all levels.

This time, he strives to teach you how to sell products that stand out from the rest, and for that he uses the metaphor of “the purple cow.”

According to this marketing guru, there is nothing more different, unique and extraordinary than a purple cow, and this is precisely what you must achieve with your products and services: differentiate yourself.

This is one of the best marketing books of all time and you cannot put it down if you are determined to stand out in this highly competitive and demanding industry.

Link: access the book

fifteen. Low Cost Branding

This book of Kevin Albert It will be very useful if you are determined to create a brand for yourself but do not have a large budget.

His teachings will help you create the basics of your brand, make them known in the market and boost your sales “overnight”.

Link: access the book

Learn more about the world of marketing

These 15 marketing books that we have just shared with you will help you a lot to acquire basic, media, and advanced knowledge in advertising, digital marketing, and neuromarketing.

Its authors reveal all the tricks, keys, techniques, methods and advertising secrets that have allowed them to scale their businesses favorably over time, until they have positioned themselves in the market with resounding success.

If you dare to read them, you will be more prepared to boost the sales of your products or services, and above all, to generate sustainable profits over time thanks to your marketing efforts.

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