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15 Images of the transformation of the actors of ‘Aquí no hay quien viva’ after 20 years

Those summer afternoons in which you had nothing to do and you put on ‘There is no one alive here’ were magical and very entertaining.

Although now their characters are in ‘La que se avecina’, we all know that that neighborhood where the most normal thing was to do “radio patio” was and it is very difficult to match.

Their characters have changed tremendously after 20 years since the series was shotand the truth is that they are great after so much time and so many hours of filming, it seems that they are preserved in a youth chamber!

The change of the protagonists of ‘Aquí no hay quien viva’

1- Jose Luis Gil

Atresmedia, @jose_luis_gil_sanz

The tireless Mr. Cuesta Above all, he wanted to be president of the community, which he has also achieved in ‘Mirador de Montepinar’.

2- Fernando Tejero

Atresmedia, @fernando_tejero

The incomparable Emilio went from being a goalkeeper to a espetero in just one series, although he has never lost his grace or his “little please”.

3- Eduardo Garcia

Jose Miguel
Atresmedia, @dudu_lf

Jose Miguel he was an indomitable rebel that he did not stop being when he arrived at Desengaño street, although now he has opted for music and is a rap singer.

4- Luis Merlo

Atresmedia, Mediaset

A great performer on television and in theater, to which he now dedicates a large part of his life. After ‘El Internado’ he succeeded in this series and now in ‘La que se avecina’.

5- Daniel Guzman

Atresmeida, @spain_famous

Lucía’s boyfriend in the series is now a film director and an actor in some theaters, which has made him continue to demonstrate his potential.

6- Eva Isanta

Atresmedia, @evaisanta

The one we all now know as ‘la cuqui’ She also had her past in this mythical series that launched her to the top as an actress.

7- Malena Alterio

Atresmedia, @malenaalterio_oficial

The enamored but confused Belén in this series now acts in ‘Shame’the new original series of Movistar +.

8- Maria Adánez

Atresmedia, @laadanez

Lucía ‘la pija’ has not left the sets either because returned as a lawyer to ‘La que se avecina’a great performer who never abandons her community.

9- Isabel Ordaz

Atresmedia, @isabelordaz_official

‘The herbs’ did not leave her family behind either of ‘There is no one who lives here’ and accompanied her to the ‘Mirador de Montepinar’ where she put herself in the shoes of Enrique’s wife.

10- Guillermo Ortega

Atresmedia, @guillermo_ortega_s

The owner of the bass video store He also found a place in this great family and also participated in ‘La que se avecina’.

11- Eduardo Gomez

Atresmedia, @eduardogomezmanzano

Mariano is another of the most emblematic characters Of all the seasons of this series, it has given us many good moments.

12- Diego Martin

Atresmedia, @mrdiegomartin

The typical ‘chulito’ of the building who never gave up acting and we saw him again in ‘Velvet’ in Enrique’s shoes.

13- Gemma Raven

Atresmedia, @gemmacuervo_

Vincent, one of the ‘three marujas’ of the building He has been acting until very recently in other television series.

14- Sofia Nieto

Atresmedia, Youtube/ El País

This actress gave life to Natalia, a young rebellious daughter of the Cuestasbut nowadays it has left the interpretation to be mathematical.

15- Loles Leon

loles 1
Atresmedia, @lolesleona

A strong woman who always wanted his word to be the last. We have also seen her in ‘La que se avecina’ playing Menchu.

What do you think of the change that these neighbors have experienced? Do you think that ‘There is no one who lives here’ is better than ‘La que se avecina’?

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Cover image: Atresmedia, @malenaalterio_oficial

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