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15 Images of the celebrity impersonator who has gone viral ending in disaster

Instagram has become the king of posture platform and celebrities do not miss the opportunity to show their followers, to make them long teeth, the wonderful, idyllic and expensive destinations to which they go on their vacations, something that drives us crazy and amazes us in equal measure.

But not everything is wonderful in the world of the Valencia filter, there are those who, like our protagonist, are dedicated to trolling, from humorto every well-known face that dares to upload a photo to their social networks and we love it.

The comedian who makes you laugh with just one photo

Celeste is a Australian comedian who has made her Instagram account a fun place to go when other people’s vacations get you down and it’s impossible not to go through her feed without drawing a smile.

Blood Sisters VS Best Friends

love is stunts

If the alarm doesn’t wake you up…

Breakfast of Champions

When your husband is in charge of packing

morning stretches

Turns out we don’t have the same size

I love you more than Kanye loves Kim and almost more than Kanye loves Kanye

Nothing like being on the road

I hope yours is organic Kourt

How much does a Coachella outfit cost?


When all else fails

If you’re alone in the room…

Friday night vs Saturday morning

Be careful when you upload your next photo poseCeleste may be watching and her impersonation gets more likes than yours.

Are the recreations better than the original? Does Instagram need more profiles like Celeste’s who celebrates her body without her complexes?

share it with all your friends so that they learn to love each other as they are!

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