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15 Forbidden Questions You Should Never Ask Your Partner

communication is key in any healthy relationship, and most men are willing to answer anything you ask.

However, there are certain questions that make them doubt, to which they do not know how we will react and if they will be right; those are better not to do. You probably won’t get an honest answer and you’ll only end up arguing.

15 Questions You Better Not Ask Your Partner

Are you going to love me forever?

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It is a rather absurd question because neither of you can be absolutely certain. These types of questions are usually asked out of insecurity or fear, thinking that if the person you are with was with someone else they would hurt you. The problem is that no matter what I answer you, you can never be sure of the answer.

Who is prettier…?

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In most cases, the reason for this question is jealousy, either because you have seen your boy paying attention to another person or because there is a friend of his that you doubt. He will always answer “you”although it is not reality. So it’s better to skip the question so you don’t have to put your partner in that situation.

How many women have you been with?

You won’t like the answer, so you better not wonder. What happened before you were in his life no longer matters, don’t torture yourself. Besides, psychologists say that men often lie in these types of questions.

Which friends are going?

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If you have arranged to go out or to go to a party, he probably doesn’t even know who exactly is going to go. Better than don’t be so controlling or it will end up damaging your relationship.

I am right?

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When you ask this question, you do not contemplate the possibility that your partner will reflect on the matter and give you their opinion. What you are looking for is that I agree with you yes or yes. So if you don’t want a disingenuous answer, don’t ask.

Which of my friends do you find most attractive?

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If you’re not going to be able to handle the response and you’re going to be jealousIt’s better that you don’t ask. Also, even if you control them at the moment, it is likely that the next time you see them together you will feel a little jealous.

How many beers do you have?

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Do not forget that he is an adult and is capable of making his own decisions, so don’t act like his mother. If you think he drinks too much and you don’t like it, either talk to him without ironic questions like this, or just leave him.

I look good?

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The answer you expect is “You look great” or “You look gorgeous”. But if, after spending two hours trying things on you, it occurs to him to say no, the discussion is guaranteed. You on one of those days when you feel that nothing suits you, and he’s nervous because you’re late.

How was your ex?

Is it curiosity, jealousy? Do you really need to know about her? If he is with you and not with her, it will be for some reason, you don’t need to have so much information about her previous relationships. If she wants to tell you something, she will tell you, but don’t try to probe too much because it will make you look insecure.

Do you really love me?

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This question returns to show your insecurity. If someone loves you, you don’t need to ask them, you can tell by how they take care of you and how they act when they are with you. So if you constantly ask him this question, you’ll make him feel like you don’t see everything he does for you.

I’m fat?

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You don’t need anyone to tell you that you’ve gained weight, you see it yourself, and that’s precisely why you ask. However, you don’t want to be told the truth. Better not ask.

How do you see us in 10 years?

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Why do you want to know? Do you know where you will be in 10 years? Enjoy the moment and stop planning so far in advance. The fact that he does not know how to answer does not mean that he does not have long-term plans with you, but rather that it is a truly difficult question to answer.

Who you are thinking about?

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Anything can be going through your head, or you may not even be thinking about anything. Don’t assume he’s thinking of someone else, just you will show your insecurity.

Who is that that has “liked” your photo?

You have to accept that he has a life apart from you, so don’t spend all day spying on him on Facebook to see who likes his photos. Remember that trust is basic in any relationship.

You’re done?

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Men, although it may not seem like it sometimes, also have insecurities during intimacy. This question can hurt your pride and affect you emotionally.

Of course, you should not be left with any doubts about your relationship, and have enough confidence to express anything to your partner, but be careful with the purpose of what you ask if you want to save yourself more than one argument.

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