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15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas

Is looking for 15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas🇧🇷 Getting married on the farm is an option that never goes out of style. In a rural environment you can carry out different types of decoration, but the most famous is the rustic one, which incorporates all the elements of the farm with authenticity. Check out several decoration suggestions for a wedding held in the countryside or on a farm and make this moment as unforgettable as possible.

15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas – See 15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas

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15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas

check below 15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas🇧🇷

There are different types of decoration.

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  1. Materials such as jute, wicker, cardboard, wood and ceramics, combining them with flowers and delicate fabrics, preferably in pastel tones.
  2. Food in baskets: food from the wedding reception in straw baskets goes well with weddings held in the countryside
  3. Menus made with cardboard and notepads: Just buy notepads, sold at stationery stores, and make the meal menu on cardboard cards
  4. Old bicycles with flowers in the basket: another good idea to include in a rustic wedding decor. Put an arrangement of wildflowers in the basket and that’s it, you have an excellent decoration for the reception entrance of a rustic wedding
  5. Flowers arranged in metal vases or old watering cans form arrangements with a more rustic look.
  6. Jute table runner is a simple and inexpensive option for those who want to give their wedding a more rustic feel, especially if the ceremony is in the countryside.
  7. Nest-shaped bouquet can be used both by the bride and in the decoration of the environment
  8. Table centerpiece with white roses in a rustic vase. Antique potted plants with faded paint look great with roses in them. The mix provides a balance between the delicate and the rustic and suits outdoor weddings
  9. The flowers that can be used to arrange the tables are: tulips, orchids and peonies
  10. Old iron chairs or rustic wooden benches are great ideas for decorating
  11. Tables can be square or round with linen chambray tablecloths
  12. Cloth tablecloths and napkins with floral prints can go well with the decor.
  13. Wicker plate supports add charm to the rustic table
  14. Country chic weddings should inspire a relaxed, casual vibe. So set the table in a way that encourages conversation and participation among your guests. Instead of choosing large, round tables, choose smaller wooden tables to facilitate interaction between people.
  15. Jars of honey and mini peppers are ideas for party favors

Weddings on farms are being more and more sought after (Photo: Disclosure)

Farmhouse wedding decorating tips

In addition to 15 farmhouse wedding decor ideas we have some tips for this type of ceremony, such as considering the use of closed spaces or tents. One of the benefits of wedding tents is that they can be opened or closed as needed, so if the ceremony takes place in the afternoon or late afternoon, it will certainly extend into the night. The tent offers protection for the guests, and is a good option if you are looking for a farm or place, but that has a more protected part if the place does not have an enclosed space to snuggle the guests.

You can decorate your farmhouse wedding yourself.

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If you find an appropriate barn, you can transform it and hold the reception of guests, dinner and party all in the same environment! Add lights and flowers in the right way and everything will look amazing.

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