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15 Famous Actors From Our Childhood That Almost All Of Us Have Completely Forgotten

The nineties were a strange time for fashion, however, it was a glorious time for television. There were numerous movies and series released that we keep watching every weekend and get excited each and every time.

However, the fact that the films were successful does not mean that their protagonists suffered the same fate. Some of them have fallen into oblivion and even if you saw them today in another series you would not be able to recognize them.

Remember all these actors from the ’90s?

1- Anna Chlumsky – My girl

One of the most successful films in the 90s had as its protagonist anna clumskythat although she has continued to do some jobs, she has not achieved the success she had as a child.

2- Nate Richert – Sabrina witch things

Twitter | @NateRichert

It’s one of the more radical changes that you will find in this list. The actor doesn’t even look like himself. Will Sabrina still be interested in him?

3- Jurnee Smollett-Bell – Forced Parents


The smallest of the series has appeared, as an adult, in series such as True Blood Y Parenthood totally unrecognizable. Have you noticed?

4- Charlie Korsmo – Hook

TriStar Pictures / Amblin Entertainment

He played Jack in the famous movie Hook but left acting in 1998. She will return to the big screen in 2018 with the film Chained For Life.

5- Rider Strong – Me and the World

Instagram | @rider.strong

Despite being one of the most successful series of the 90s, few remember Rider Strong. He has done some roles on television but he doesn’t like fame and keeps away from that world.

6- Karyn Parsons – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


his character from Hillary Banks it was one of the funniest in the series and we all miss it. A pity that he left acting in 2002.

7- Mara Wilson – Matilda

sony pictures

He left the world of film and television shortly after the success in Matilda and it was not until recently when we heard from her again after the publication of her first book.

8- Jeff Cohen – The Goonies

Warner Bros

The adventure movie par excellence featured chunkyone of the favorite characters of both children and adults saw her.

9- Ariana Richards – Jurassic Park


Because of him we all feared being eaten by dinosaurs. quit acting in the late 90s and did not return to the big screen until 2013 with the film battledogs.

10- Jason James Richter – Free Willy


Little have we known about this boy after the premiere of this famous film.

11- Thora Birch – Hocus Pocus


She is one of the most recognizable girls of the time and although she continues to dedicate herself to acting, she has not made you forget her roles in hocus pocus Y american beauty.

12- Dustin Diamond – Saved by the bell


He is better known today in the entertainment world for his personal life than for his roles on television and film.

13- Lisa Jakub – Mrs. Doubtfire

20th Century Fox

This film has become a classic of comedy and family cinema, which gave great fame to all its protagonists. However, Lisa He left acting in 2000.

14- Tatyana Ali – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Instagram | @tatyanaali

She was the youngest in the series and for this reason it is difficult to recognize her almost thirty years later. Today she works in the world of music.

15- Matthew William Lawrence – Me and the World


Does more than twenty years he broke the hearts of all the girls who watched the series, however, we currently don’t see his hair on television.

What do you think of these famous actors? Did you remember them or had they been forgotten for you too? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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