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15 curious facts about lefties that you surely did not know

Do you know someone who is left handed? In the past, not so long ago in fact, there was a superstition that being left-handed was not something natural, which is why anyone who preferred the left was forced to use the right hand as a child.

That is why today, some older people write with their right hand, for example, but perform common actions with their left hand.

Lefties have never had it easy. The world is quite designed for right-handers, everything around us was designed in a standard way for right-handed people. Lefties have to learn to adapt most of the time.

Fortunately, it is something that little by little is becoming unified and more and more left-handed people have specialized tools that make everyday life easier.

There are lots of interesting things about lefties, here are some of the lesser known.

1- About 5-10% of the population is left-handed.

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2- Lefties tend to use the right hemisphere of the brain more.

left handed data 023- Lefties reach puberty about 4 or 5 months later than others.

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4- Lefties are often more athletic, almost 40% of the best tennis players in the world are left-handed.


5- Also, 4 of the 7 presidents of the United States were left-handed.


6- The word “left” (left) comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “lyft” which means broken or weak.

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7- Pregnant women over the age of 40 are more likely to give birth to a left-handed child than a 20-year-old woman.

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8- Around 10% of humans are left-handed, dogs, cats and rats, on the other hand, have a 50% chance of being born left-handed.

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9- 1 of the 4 astronauts who traveled on the Apollo was left-handed.

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10- There are about 30 million left-handed people in the United States of America.

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11- When an accident occurs and a person loses their “main” hand, left-handers have an easier time training their “bad” hand than right-handers.

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12- The Royal Family of England has several left-handed members. Prince Charles, Prince William, even Queen Elisabeth II.


13- Lefties are more prone to insomnia.

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14. August 13 is the international day of left-handers.

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15- Lefties get angry more often. As was the case, for example, with the famous left-handed tennis player John McEnroe.

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ohshare it with all your left-handed friends so they can see that they are not alone in the world!

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